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WaveAce 1001

SKU: LeCroy : WaveAce 1001

WaveAce 1001
40 MHz, 500 MS/s, 2 ch, 1 Mpts/Ch, DSO with 7" Wide Display. 2 Mpts, 1 GS/s interleaved. 1 MOhm

Key Features
  • 40 MHz, 60 MHz, 70 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz and 300 MHz bandwidths
  • Sample rates up to 2 GS/s
  • Long Memory - up to 1 Mpts/Ch (2 Mpts interleaved)
  • Advanced Triggering - Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope (Rise Time)
  • 7" wide screen display
  • 32 automatic measurements
  • Multi-language user interface and context sensitive help
  • Four math functions and FFT
  • USB host and device connections for printers, memory sticks and PC remote control

Capture and View Waveform Details

Long memory, high sample rate and easy to use zoom capabilities

Automatic Measurements

Measure with 32 different parameters including

advanced timing measurements and a dashboard view

Waveform Math and Analysis

Basic math plus FFT for advanced waveform analysis

Connectivity and Documentation

Save waveforms, settings and screen captures to a USB device or directly to a PC

Simple Pass/Fail Testing

Quick mask testing with on screen result counter

Record and Playback Waveforms

Record and playback up to 2,500 waveform captures

Custom Digital Filters

Apply digital filters to isolate specific frequencies or eliminate noise


A variety of basic and advanced triggering for capturing a range of different signals

Save All Your Waveforms and Setups

Save up to 20 waveforms and 20 setups to internal memory

A Variety of Acquisiton Modes

Chose from Real Time, Equivalent Time, Peak Detect and Averaging


Vertical System

Rise time 8.8 ns
Bandwidth 40 MHz
Input Channels 2
Bandwidth Limiters 20 MHz
Input Impedance 1 MΩ ± 2% || 18 pF ± 3 pF
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Maximum Input Voltage ± 400 Vpk
Channel-Channel Isolation ≥ 100:1 at 20 MHz
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Sensitivity 2 mV/div - 10 V/div
DC Gain Accuracy ±3%: 5 mV/div - 5 V/div (fixed gain ranges)
±4%: 2mV/div and variable gain ranges
Offset Range ±2 V: 2mV/div - 100 mV/div
±40V: 102 mV/div - 5 V/div

Horizontal System

Time/Division Range 10.0 ns/div - 50 s/div
Clock Accuracy 100 ppm
Trigger and Interpolator Jitter 2 ns (pk-pk)

Acquisition System

Single-Shot Sample Rate/Ch 1 GS/s on 1 Ch
500 MS/s on 2 Ch
Equivalent Sample Rate 50 GS/s
Memory 2 Mpt/Ch on 1 Ch
1 Mpt/Ch on 2 Ch

Acquisition Modes

Averaging Selectable Number of Sweeps:
4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Peak Detect 2.5 ns
Interpolation Linear, Sin x/x
Enhanced Resolution na
Sequence Mode na

Triggering System

Modes Normal, Auto, Single, Stop
Sources Ch 1 - Ch 2, EXT, EXT/5, AC Line
Coupling Mode AC, DC, LF Rej, HF Rej,
Pre-trigger Delay memory/(2 * sample rate)
Post-trigger Delay 260 Divisions
Hold-off by Time or Events 100 ns - 1.5 s
Internal Trigger Range ±6 divisions from center
Trigger Sensitivity 1 division: DC - 10 MHz
1.5 divisions: 10 MHz - 40 MHz
External Trigger Sensitivity Ext: 200 mVpp from DC to 10 MHz
300 mVpp from 10 MHz to 40 MHz
Ext/5: 1Vpp from DC to 10 MHz
1.5 mVpp from 10 MHz to 40 MHz
External Trigger Input Range Ext: ±1.2 V, EXT/5: ±6 V


Type Color 7.0 TFT-LCD
Resolution Wide QVGA; 480 x 234 pixels
Grid Styles YT (18 horizontal divisions), XY

Trigger Types

Standard Triggers Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope (Rise Time), Alternate
Optional Advanced Triggers na
Optional Serial Data Triggers na

Internal Storage

Waveform Storage 20 waveforms and 2 reference waveforms
Setup Storage 20 setups


Number of Math Traces 1
Standard Math Functions Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, FFT
Optional Math Functions na


Number of Measurements Displayed 5
Measurement Parameters Amplitude, Average, Base, Burst Width, Cyclical RMS, +Duty Cycle, -Duty Cycle, Fall Time, Frequency, Max, Mean, Min, Overshoot, Peak-Peak, Period, Phase, Preshoot, Rise Time, RMS, Top, +Width, -Width, First Rising-Rising, First Rising-Falling, First Falling-Rising, First Falling-Falling, Last Rising-Rising, Last Rising-Falling, Last Falling-Rising, Last Falling-Falling


GPIB Port na
USB (Device) 1
Ethernet Port na
USB (Host) 1
Serial Port na


Probes Qty. (2) ÷10/1 Passive Probes
Scale Factors Manual: ÷1, ÷10, ÷100, ÷1000
Calibration Output 1 kHz square wave, 3Vp-p (typical), output to probe hook

Power Requirements

Voltage 100 - 240 VAC, 45 Hz to 440 Hz
Max. Power Consumption 50 VA

Environmental and Safety

Temperature (Operating) 10 °C to 40 °C
Temperature (Non-Operating) -20 °C to 60 °C
Humidity (Operating) 95% RH, 40 °C
Humidity (Non-Operating) 90% RH, 65 °C
Altitude (Operating) 3000 m
Altitude (Non-Operating) 15,266 m

Physical Dimensions

Dimensions (HWD) 163 mm x 313 mm x 115.8 mm
(6.42 x 12.32 x 4.6)
Weight 2.78 kg (6.1 lbs)

011 805 5030 / 086 138 6548 - Phone orders
Monday-Friday, 08:00-17:00


Product details

Category: Oscilloscopes

Product code - SKU: LeCroy : WaveAce 1001

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