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Water Hammer Prevention System

SKU: Water Hammer Prevention System

Water Hammer Prevention System


Product Description:

The occurrence of water hammer in fluid transfer systems is a very common problem which can cause havoc for maintenance  and safety personnel.


Hammer can occur in many fluid transfer systems where sudden changes to the driving force are possible . After reviewing many available products claiming to react adequately to the hammer along with scenarios that lead up to the occurrence of the hammer, we have managed to develop , what we believe to be, the most effective system available on the market at this point.


The reality faced when trying to deal with water hammer is that the pressure shock wave can subject the system to 4 times its regular pressure rating depending on the velocities of the driving force and the pressure wave travels at the speed of sound in its medium. What this means is that having devices reacting to pressure changes can be inconsequential in severe cases due to the speed of the shock wave.


We firmly believe that the prevention is better than cure so have taken deeper look into the underlying causes of water hammer and have managed to conclude that there are very few conditions that actually result in the phenomenon. The majority of incidents, in systems where proper start up and shut down procedures are observed, occur when the last running pump is tripped or when a power failure occurs during the fluid transfer operation.


Based on the data established, we have devised a system that responds to these conditions immediately and thereby takes evasive action to prevent initial shock wave. Our system removes the condition in which the returning non compressible water column encounters a closed system and slams into the Non return valves protecting the pumps. We create a temporary outlet for the returning column of water before it actually arrives and then effect a controlled closure which allows the column to lose momentum safely before shutting off completely.


By allowing a small amount of the returning column to escape back to the suction dam or source before slowly shutting the outlet, we have eliminated the water hammer completely and effectively.


In addition to removing the water hammer effectively, our system has been designed using commodity items which make the maintenance  and any repairs a very simple and low cost exercise in deed. We haave also looked to using in line pressure for actuation as this minimises potential failures of the system through external inputs.



Please forward all your questions and enquiries to us on the following contact details: Gavin Russell


Mobile: +27 (0)835522642

Email:  gavin@coral-i.com

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Product details

Category: Water Hammer Prevention System

Product code (SKU): Water Hammer Prevention System

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