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 ViewConn VC-8200/EU Pro Package images


ViewConn VC-8200/EU Pro Package

SKU: ViewConn VC-8200/EU

ViewConn VC-8200/EU Pro Package

Product Description:

The one comprehensive tool for field inspection,analysis and cleaning.

ViewConn® Pro (VC-8200) is an integrated system for fiberoptic connector inspection, evaluation, documentation and cleaning. An integrated power meter is also available as a customer installable add-in. With built in Wi-Fi , ViewConn Pro can send its Pass/Fail analysis reports via email to other locations or store them directly within the unit.

The Lightel originated dual microscope concept allows rapid inspection of both male and female connectors without changing tips. The auto-centering feature allows faster connector endface location and analysis with the probe. 

Designed for ease of use in the field, the 5" display provides clear, sharp images, and the large touchscreen buttons provide all the necessary controls for image capture and analysis. As is its trademark, Lightel's pre-installed ConnectorViewTM Plus software requires no calibration and provides its analysis reports in seconds.

With ViewConn's traditional ruggedized cover and integrated cleaning cassette, ViewConn Pro is the only comprehensive tool for field inspection, analysis and cleaning.


ViewConn (VC-8200/EU )

Field of view

~ 464µm x 338µm


0.5µm detectable

Optical sensor


Light source

Blue LED

LCD display

5" LCD color touchscreen

Power supply

Li-Ion internally rechargeable battery or 12V DC adapter
Adjustable automatic power saving
Low battery indicator

Battery life

> 3 hours (continuous)

Electrical ports

DC adapter plug port
1 USB2.0 port


186mm (H) x 218mm (W) x 44mm (D)

Weight (incl. battery and ruggedized cover)

1.4 kg






Atom Z530

Internet connection



Probe (CI-1100HS)

Field of View

~ 660µm x 495Uµm


0.5µm detectable

Optical Sensor


Light source

Blue LED

Power supply

USB2.0 connection with ViewConn


USB2.0 plug


35mm diameter x 175mm length (without cap)


Software (pre-loaded)

Operating system

Windows XP®

ConnectorViewTM Plus (TS)

Pass/Fail analysis
Full screen, touchscreen operation

Analysis time

~4 seconds (average)

Auto-center function

For wide-view probe


Package Contents:


1 VC-8200 unit with a CleanConn CC-1 cleaner module mounted


1 ConnectorView Plus (TS) Pass/Fail software (installed)


1 Universal tip for 2.5mm male PC connectors*


1 Universal tip for 1.25mm male PC connectors*


1 Li-Ion battery


1 AC power adapter/battery charger


1 Spare CC-1 module


1 Ruggedized cover


1 DI-1000 wide-view handset probe


1 SC/PC and FC/PC probe tip for bulkheads**


1 LC/PC probe tip for bulkheads**


1 Tip box


1 Soft carrying case


1 Wrist strap


1 Neck strap


Key Options


Integrated Power Meter add-in with -60 ~ +10dBm dynamic range


Integrated Power Meter add-in with -45 ~ +25dBm dynamic range


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Product details

Category: Optical Inspectors

Product code - SKU: ViewConn VC-8200/EU

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