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 Universal IC Testers images


Universal IC Testers

SKU: Universal IC Testers

Universal IC Testers


Product Description

It can test gates, buffers and decoder ICs in-circuit. IC testr clip is optionally provided with which the IC could be tested without removing from board. A maximum of six logic inputs could be driven and three logic outputs could be monitored in-circuit testing mode(F9).


It is the latest Microcontroller based UNIVERSAL IC TESTER. It functionally tests a wide variety of Analog / Linear ICs including Microprocessor, Micro controllers, EPROM's, Peripheral devices apart from 74 series of TTLIC's and 40/45 series of CMOS ICs.



• No personality cards/ reference IC/ IC Data required

• ONE mode to test IC Once 

• CON Mode to test IC continuously 

• STEP mode to test step by step

• Buzzer to indicate bad ICs

• Reliable PC Keyboard to enter IC number and commands 

• Potential free 40 pin ZIF socket for easy insertion of IC under test

• Protection against wrong insertion 

• Simple cable tester with learn facility

• Alphanumeric 40 x 2 backlit LCD for displaying messages

• RS 232 serial interface expansion of IC Test  Library 

• Built in self Test to test hardware, display, keyboard and buzzer 

• Built in word processor mode which converts system into an electronic typewriter 

• Indigenously developed universal pin driver technology  used

• Help message through F1


It has facility for expansion of test library through RS232C serial interface. If the data sheets of the new IC is furnished along with sample ICs, we can develop the testing programme if the IC is testable. After downloading this test programme in the tester ,the new IC could be tested.



• Test Range  :   Digital Analog/ Linear ICs 6, 8, 14, 18, 20, 24, 28 & 40 Pin in dual in line (DIP) package.

• Socket  :  40 Pin Universal 

• Display  :  40 x 2 Backlit alphanumeric LCD display

• Keyboard  :  External IBM-PC PS/2 keyboard

• Voltage  :  230V, AC 50Hz  ±  10%

• Enclosure  :  Sheet Metal  cabinet with powder coating and engraving 




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Product details

Category: IC Testers & Programmers

Manufacturer: Tesca

Product code - SKU: Universal IC Testers

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