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Transducer / Instrumentation Trainer

SKU: Transducer / Instrumentation Trainer 50852051

Instrumentation Trainers


Product Description:

Rugged, self - contained panel trainer with a steel case and integral power supplies. It provides a range of transducer input and output devices together with associated instrumentation circuitry. The transducer and signal conditioning elements of this trainer are typical of those used throughout industry.


These elements include:

• Transducer input devices.

• Transducer output devices.

• Instrumentation circuitry.


Input devices:

For the detection of rotary and linear position, temperature, light, pressure, strain, airflow, humidity and audible and Ultrasonic sound


Output devices:       

For the generation of heat, light, rotary and linear actions, audible and ultrasonic sound and visual indication of voltage, time and number of events.


Instrumentation circuitry: 

For the investigation of Wheatstone Bridges and current measurement techniques, linear and non-linear signal amplification, closed and open loop control, one, two and three term (PID) control, DC restoration of AC signals, signal transmission techniques and alarm generation.


The comprehensive curriculum manuals provided covers the following topic areas:

• An introduction to basic control systems.

• An evaluation of the various Input devices.

• Practical investigation of the various output devices.

• Practical investigation of the Display devices.

• Applications in practical systems, evaluation of input requirements.

• In depth investigation / analysis of the numerous signal conditioning circuits.

• Investigation of control system characteristics (On/Off, Proportional, Proportional + Derivative & Proportional + Integral + Derivative)

• Design and implementation of speed control systems, positional control systems, temperature control systems and light level control systems.


Includes the following items:

• Instrumentation and Transducer Trainer

• 4 mm Lead set

• Technical manual

• Curriculum manuals


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Product details

Category: Instrumentation Trainers

Brand: Tesca

Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Marketer of Test, Measuring & Educational / Vocational / Didactic Technical Training Equipment. Tesca offers quality products in varied fields providing the complete package to the customers in user friendly & IT savvy manner. We are...

Product code (SKU): Transducer / Instrumentation Trainer 50852051

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