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Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer

SKU: Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer 10927

Consumer Electronics Trainers


Product Description:

Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer is ideal equipment to teach the operation of stereo recording and stereo cassette playing function. The comprehensive study of Tape record and Mechanism unit technique is described in the operating manual. One of the main features of this trainer is fault simulation. The fault created in the trainer in no way damages the trainer.


Technical Specifications:

• Amplifier Type : Class B amplifier

• Audio Power Output : 14 W (7 W × 2 channels )

• Frequency Response : 100 Hz to 8 KHz

• Tape Speed : 4.75 cm / sec

• Erase Head : Fix magnet

• RP Head : YBBT 62 (Stereo)

• Mechanism : R X 39

• Motor : CCW 12 V DC

• Circuit Block : 

   • Pre amplifier CH-L & CH-R 

   • Bass - Treble CH-L & CH-R

   • Output amplifier CH-L & CH-R

   • Equalization CH-L & CH-R

   • Output level indicator section

   • Power supply section

•Panel Control : 

   • Volume CH-L & CH-R

   • Bass CH-L & CH-R

   • Treble CH-L & CH-R

• Mechanism Control : Record, Play, Reverse, Forward, Stop, Pause

• Recording Facility : Condenser Mic and EP socket for feeding external signal

• PCB Size (mm) : 260 × 230

• No. of faults : 15

• No. of Test point : 42

• Power Supply : 220 V ±10 %, 50 Hz / 60 Hz on request

• Power Consumption : 8.17 W (approx.)

• Compact design

• Fault creation and diagnosis

• 42 Test Points

• More than 15 faults can be demonstrated on this trainer

• No soldering and de-soldering is required to simulate faults

• The main IC's are provided on socket to provide a facility to check similar IC' and also to create the faults by inserting faulty IC's in the sockets

• Test points detail with typical voltage and wave forms are provided in the manual

• In built power supply

• Two identical mono channels clubbed together to obtain stereo effect through stereo head Both internal and external recording facility available

• Recording process understood through LED indicator present in equalization section

• 8P-2W R/P switch mechanism planed widely through 16 nos 1P-2W toggle switches

• Separate bass/treble section to understand the effect of low frequency as well as high frequency signal


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Product details

Category: Consumer Electronics Trainers

Product code - SKU: Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer 10927

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