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 Single Phase Transformer Lab images


Single Phase Transformer Lab

SKU: Single Phase Transformer Lab 50846505

Educational Motors & Machines


Product Description:

Single Phase Transformer Lab is an elite training system for the Electrical laboratories. The product helps you to get fullyacquainted with the basic concepts and functioning of a SinglePhase Transformer.The product is represented in such an easy way so that each testcan be studied differently in proper sequence. The Labpractically expertises you in exercises like Polarity, Turns Ratio,Transformation Ratio, Iron Loss, Copper Loss, Efficiency etc.The varied scope of learning makes the subject understanding complete.


• R-Core Transformer

• Exclusive and rugged designed panel

• Stand alone operation

• Terminals are provided in different sections

• Designed by considering all the safety precautions

• Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections

• Provided with an extensive e-manual


Scope of Learning:

• Study of Transformation Ratio in a Single Phase Transformer

• Study of Polarity Test in a Single Phase Transformer

• Study of Open Circuit Test in a Single Phase Transformer

• Study of Short Circuit Test in a Single Phase Transformer

• Study of Load Test and correspondingly determine the Efficiency and Voltage Regulation in a Single Phase Transformer


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Product details

Category: Educational Motors & Machines

Manufacturer: Tesca

Product code - SKU: Single Phase Transformer Lab 50846505

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