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 Series and Parallel Resonance images

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Series and Parallel Resonance

SKU: Series and Parallel Resonance 50836131

Analog Electronics Trainer

Product Description:

Experimental Training Board has been designed specifically for study of Series and Parallel Resonance in LCR Circuits, measurement of Q and dielectric constant of a liquid.Practical experience on these boards carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students.



01. Three inductances made on ferrite cores, selectable by a switch.

02. Three capacitances with low loss factor, selectable by a switch.

03. Three resistances , selectable by a switch.

• Adequate no. of patch cords stackable from rear both ends 4/ 2mm spring loaded plug length ½ metre.

• Good Quality, reliable terminal/sockets are provided at appropriate places on  panel for connections/ observation of waveforms.

• Strongly supported by detailed Operating Instructions, giving details of Object, Theory, Design procedures, Report Suggestions and Book



•  Weight : 3 Kg. (Approx.)

• Dimension : W 340 x H 110 x D 210


Other Apparatus:

•  Decade Audio Frequency Generator

•  A.C. Millivoltmeter

• A.F. Millivoltmeter


Note: Specifications are subject to change. Order Code can be different from Manufacturer’s Model No.


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Product details

Category: Analog Electronics Trainer

Manufacturer: Tesca

Product code (SKU): Series and Parallel Resonance 50836131

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