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 SDS1000CFL Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes images


SDS1000CFL Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes


Product Overview

Siglent’s SDS1000CFL family of scopes offer faster sampling rates and higher bandwidths than other Siglent SDS1000 families of scopes. The CFL’s provide up to four channels with an external trigger input channel and bandwidths up to 300 MHz. With a set of separate vertical controls for each input channel, you don’t need to worry about accidentally modifying the wrong trace. No more switching between channels as found in some other 2 and 4 channel oscilloscopes. Powerful triggering and analysis capabilities make it easy to capture and analyze waveforms, greatly improving the test efficiency.

Key Features

◆ 7” Color TFT LCD display

◆ 2/4 channels, Bandwidth: 70MHz-300 MHz

◆ Single channel real-time sampling rate is: 2GSa/s, Equivalent sampling rate is 50GSa/s

◆ Memory depth: 24Kpts

◆ Trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative

◆ Powerful Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function

◆ Auto measurement of thirty two parameters

◆ 2 / 4 groups’ reference waveforms. 20 groups of captured waveforms and 20 groups of setups. Internal save/recall function and USB flash drive save/recall function.

◆ Cursor types: Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode

◆ Channel waveform and its FFT waveform display on split screen or full screen

◆ Four Screen display styles: Classical, Modern, Tradition, Succinct

◆ Multiple Language User Interface

◆ Supports built-in online help system

◆ Standard interfaces: Dual USB Host; USB Device; LAN Port; Pass/Fai Out

Ordering Information

Product Model

SDS1304CFL, 300MHz, 4 channel

SDS1302CFL, 300MHz, 2 channel

SDS1204CFL, 200MHz, 4 channel

SDS1202CFL, 200MHz, 2 channel

SDS1104CFL, 100MHz, 4 channel

SDS1102CFL, 100MHz, 2 channel

SDS1074CFL, 70MHz, 4 channel

SDS1072CFL, 70MHz, 2 channel

Standard Accessories
A USB cable
A QuickStart Guide
A product qualification certificate
Warranty Card
A power cord designed for the instrument and authorized by local country
1:1/10:1 probe(Consistent with the number of channels you bought)
CD(contains EasyScope PC software)
Optional Accessories
Isolated channel optional accessories
SDS1000CFL series oscilloscope portable bag

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Product details

Category: Oscilloscopes

Product code - SKU: SDS1000CFL

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