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Satlink 6908

SKU: Satlink 6908


Sat-Link WS-6908 DVB-S FTA Digital Satellite Finder Meter

A battery powered hand held Digital Satellite alignment meter demodulating DVB-S Signal. It's very convenient for installers to catch quick and accurate Alignment for Antenna to the best position.

With microprocessor controller, reliable and stable performance. When it's turned on, channel picture, Signal Strength and Signal Quality will be showen on LCD Screen after you set up your local DVB-S Parameter. Also enables you to select big menu window for data figure which is helpful for alignment.

        *3.5 Inch TFT LCD Screen Display

        *Input Frequency: 950~2150MHz

        *Input Level: -65~ -25dBm

        *Input Impedance: 75Ω

        *Measurement Type: signal strength,quality; BER; S/N;PWR

        *Search Mode: Auto,Blind,Manual

        *Sound and Light Alarm for Locking Signal

        *Auto Calculate Angle of AZ ,EL

        *Supportting DISEQC 1.0,1.1,1.2 and 22khz Tone

        *LNB Power Supply:18/13V(IMax 400mA)

        *Support both AV out and AV in

        *Speaker Integrated

        *8.4V/3000mAh Lion Battery Included

        *Max Operating Time:4 hours

        *12V/1.5A DC Adapter

        *USB Port For Software Upgrades

    with auto-protection for LNB short-circuit. and includes both AV IN and AV OUT for Camera, LCD etc

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Category: Satellite Finder

Product code (SKU): Satlink 6908

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