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 Rigol DP1308A Power Supply images


Rigol DP1308A Power Supply

SKU: Rigol DP1308A Power Supply

Rigol DP1308A Power Supply


Quick Overview:

High quality programmable DC power supply with three outputs (+6 V / 5 A, +25 V / 1 A, -25 V / 1 A, max 80 W). 

Delivery including USB cable, power adapter, microfuses and manual (on CD).


Product Description:

The Rigol DP1308A is a very high quality programmable laboratory power supply with three switchable outputs (6 V/5 A, +25 V/1 A and -25 V/1 A) and a maximum power output of 80 W.

Like all Rigol devices, the laboratory power supply features a very well thought out and easy to use interface which also offers comprehensive ease-of-use functions such as programmable voltage curves. The menu follows an easy to navigate and intuitive structure.

For a laboratory power supply, the Rigol DP1308A features a particularly large (10.9 cm / 4.3") and easy to read TFT color display. In addition to the normal digital displays for voltage, current, and power, these values can also be displayed as signal curves. A timer control can be used to set the output signal to different values in up to 5 steps.


Special Features:

Large Display

All important data such as voltage, current, power, and limit values can easily be displayed on the extra large display with a diagonal size of 10.9 cm (4.3") and a resolution of 480x272 pixels.

Various Display Modes

The DP1308A offers a range of display modes in which the value of any output can be shown in a detail view while the two other outputs still remain visible.

Display Signal Curves

Changes in the measurement values and settings can be presented very well and in real time using the integrated signal curve display. This makes it possible to detect things like current draw peaks, for example when the current limit is adjusted.

Programmable Timer

The voltage and current settings can be changed automatically with a timer control. Up to 100 settings can be stored for this purpose, and then activated one after another for variable intervals (specified in seconds).

File system with USB Host

All settings can easily be stored in internal memory or on a USB stick. This allows time-consuming settings (such as timer programs) to be saved for later use.

Integrated Online Help

As you have come to expect from Rigol, online help is also available for this laboratory power supply and provides useful information about the individual device functions.

Excellent connectivity and remote control via SCPI / LabView

The Rigol DP1116A can be controlled remotely with SCPI commands through a variety of interfaces.

The following interfaces are available:




Control of the device can be integrated in your own programs or in LabView via these interfaces.



Rigol DP1308A



Output 1

0 to +6 V/DC with max. 5 A

Output 2

0 to +25 V/DC with max. 1 A

Output 3

0 to -25 V/DC with max. 1 A

Output Power (max.)

80 W

Overtemperature shut down

55 °C

Working Temperature

0 °C to 40 °C

Cooling Method

Fan cooling


Output Voltage

Output 1

Output 2

Output 3

Output Voltage

0 to +6 V/DC

0 to +25 V/DC

0 to -25 V/DC


±0,1% + 5 mV

±0,05% + 20 mV

±0,05% + 20 mV


1 mV

10 mV

10 mV

Overvoltage Protection

0,1 V to 6,5 V

0,1 V to 27 V

-0,1 V to -27 V

Load Regulation

< 0,01% + 2 mV



Line Regulation

< 0,01% + 2 mV



Ripple and Noise

< 350 μV rms / 3 mVpp




Output Current

Output 1

Output 2

Output 3

Output Current (max.)

5 A

1 A

1 A


±0,2% + 10 mA

±0,15% + 4 mA

±0,15% + 4 mA


1 mA

1 mA

1 mA

Overcurrent Protection

0,1 A to 5,5 A

0,1 A to 1,2 A

0,1 A to 1,2 A

Load Regulation

< 0,005% + 250 μA



Line Regulation

< 0,01% + 250 μA



Ripple and Noise

< 2 mA rms






Programmable laboratory power supply

Rigol DP1308A


10,9 cm (4,3") WVGA-Farb-LCD


480 × 272 Pixel

Additional Interfaces

• USB host for connecting USB sticks to store settings

• USB device for connection to a PC

• LAN for use on a network (LXI)

• GPIB (IEE-488, General Purpose Interface Bus)

• Separate ground connection

Dimensions (W × H × D)


23 cm × 15,5 cm × 38,5 cm
(9.05" × 6.1" × 15.16")


8,4 kg

(18.52 lbs)

Supported operating systems

no software available, but interfacing with other systems such as LabView is possible.


230 V/AC, 220 V/AC, 120 V/AC or 110 V/AC (adjustable)

Tracking function

The two 25 V outputs can be coupled. When the tracking function is activated, you only need to change one output and the other 25 V output is automatically set to the same value (with the corresponding reverse polarity).



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Product details

Category: Power Supplies

Manufacturer: Rigol

Product code - SKU: Rigol DP1308A Power Supply

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