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 RF Trainer + 23 Modules + 500MHz Spectrum Analyser TG images

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RF Trainer + 23 Modules + 500MHz Spectrum Analyser TG

SKU: RF Trainer + 23 Modules + 500MHz Spectrum Analyser TG 10207

Antenna / Satellite / Radar / RF Trainers / Mircowave Test Benches


Product Description:

RF Training Lab is designed to allow you to actually SEE the Electronic Spectrum in “real time”. The modulation products and sidebands of AM, FM, SSB, DSB, DSB-SC, VSB waveforms can be studied. The frequency range and high sensitivityis suited to EMI/EMC measurements, both radiated and conducted. A tracking signal source along with directional coupler can be used to measure any two port network. Different training modules are provided for study and experimentation.



• 10MHz to 500MHz measurement range

• Waveform and modulation independent

• Low cost with high performance

• Inbuilt frequency counter

• Wide input range -85dBm to 20Vp-p

• RF modules for experimentation

• Tracking signal source for network analysis


Technical Specifications:

•  Frequency -  10 MHz – 500 MHz

• Center frequency -  4 digit LED display

• Resolution  -  100KHz 

• Input Impedance -  50 Ohms (BNC)l

• Horizontal scan upto -  50MHz/div continuous

• Center freq.-  Variable control

• CRO Output -  Linear X out (BNC)

                         -  Log Y out (BNC)


Tracking signal     60dBuV

• Impedance         -  50 Ohms

• Power Supply    - 100-240V AC; 47-63 Hz

• Accessories      -  Mains Lead, BNC-BNC

Directional coupler       10-500 Mhz


RF Training Lab:

The RF lab consists of different modules of RF Oscillators, IF amplifiers, RF Mixers and RF Filters etc with following Specifications:


1.  RFT-01 RF Tuned Amplifier Module:


2.  RF Oscillators:

     a. RFT-02-A Colpitts RF Oscillator Module:

     b. RFT-02-B Hartley RF Oscillator Module:

     c. RFT-02-C Clapp RF Oscillator Module:

     d. RFT-02-D Pierce RF Oscillator Module:


3.  RF Crystal Oscillators:

     a. RFT-03-A Feedback Crystal Oscillator :

     b. RFT-03-B Colpitts Crystal Oscillator :

     c. RFT-03-C Butler Crystal oscillator module:

     d. RFT-03-D Crystal frequency multiplier:


4. IF Amplifiers:

    a. RFT-04-A FM IF amplifier module:

    b. RFT-04-B TV VIF amplifier module:

    c. RFT-04-C Satellite IF amplifier module:


5. RF Mixers:

    a. RFT-05-A Single ended Diode Mixer:

    b. RFT-05-B Single Balanced Diode mixer:

    c. RFT-05-C Double balanced diode mixer:

    d. RFT-05-D Transistor Mixer Module:


6. RF Filters:

    a. RFT-06-A1 High Pass Filter Butterworth

    b. RFT-06-A2 High Pass Filter Chebyshev

    c. RFT-06-B1 Low Pass Filter Butterworth

    d. RFT-06-B2 Low Pass Filter Chebyshev

    e. RFT-06-C1 Band Pass Filter Butterworth

    f. RFT-06-C2 Band Pass Filter Chebyshev

    g. RFT-06-D Notch Filter


E-Manual: Installation Video for ease of Learning

Note: Specifications are subject to change.


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Product details

Category: Antenna / Satellite / Radar / RF Trainers / Microwave Test Benches

Product code (SKU): RF Trainer + 23 Modules + 500MHz Spectrum Analyser TG 10207

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