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 PLC Trainer - Allen Bradley (12 I//O) images


PLC Trainer - Allen Bradley (12 I//O)

SKU: PLC Trainer - Allen Bradley (12 I//O) 50852052

Instrumentation Trainers


Programmable Logic ControllerTrainer:

It provides a complete, structured solution to the problem of training todays industrial control engineers and technicians in the programming and troubleshooting of PLC applications. The following features make the teaching set particularly  suitable for industrial training and multi-skilling courses:


• Industrial-grade controller

• Industrially relevant applications trainer

• Sequence switch module for direct control of PLC inputs

• Remote programming interface package for a PC

• Quiet source of compressed air

• Structured self-paced curriculum manual


The teaching set comprises the following products:

• AB Ml1500 - Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 controller, remote programming software and interface cable.

• Applications trainer

• Sequence switch module

• Manually operated compressed air pump

• Curriculum manual


The AB ML1500 Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 controller provides 12 inputs and 12 outputs, and carries a comprehensive range of on-board facilities, including timers, counters and sequencer functions.

The controller is supplied complete with Windows Based remote programming software, which is used to program, monitor, edit and troubleshoot sequences for each of the practical exercises provided in the curriculum manual. An interface cable that connects the computer to the controller for downloading of programs, is also included.

The PLC AM Applications trainer enables students to create sequences which simulate the operation of a modern industrial production line, by sorting parts according to a variety of criteria. Rugged and reliable, the trainer’s flexible design allows it to be used in both introductory and advanced PLC applications.Its key features include:


• A conveyor that can be driven in both forward and reverse directions.

• A set of cylindrical parts of differing heights and diameters.


The PLC SS Sequence switch module provides a bank Of eight switches which can be used to manually control The inputs of the PLC, in order to simulate a variety of input Conditions.

The PLC EP Electrically operated compressed air pump Provides a safe, very quiet source of compressed air.

The PLC IM Curriculum manual provides a structured, self-paced introduction to the world of programmable logic controllers and their industrial applications. It contains a wide variety of carefully graded programming exercises, Covering the following topic areas:


• Covering the following topic areas:

• Introduction to PLCs.

• Relays and ladder logic.

• Introduction to ladder logic programming.

• Input, output and auxiliary relays.

• Latched relays.

• Master control reset relays.

• Timers.

• Counters and shift registers. 

• Sequencers.

• Programming the complete system.


An instructor’s manual is also included, containing solutions to all programming exercises.


• A parts bin containing three sections, for sorting parts into different categories.

• Two sets of parts sensors, each separately adjustable for height and position along the conveyor.

• Three pneumatically-operated pistons, for pushing parts off the conveyor into the parts bin.

• Run/stop switches and green/red indicator lamps.

• Interface electronics to meet the requirements of standard PLC input/output circuits.


PLC Trainer Consists of:

• AB ML1500 Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 controller, remote programming software and interface cable

• PLC AM Applications trainer

• PLC SS Sequence switch module

• PLC EPElectrically operated compressed air pump

• PLC IM Curriculum manual


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Category: Instrumentation Trainers

Manufacturer: Tesca

Product code - SKU: PLC Trainer - Allen Bradley (12 I//O) 50852052

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