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 Nemo Handy - the world’s most widely used handheld drive test tool images


Nemo Handy - the world’s most widely used handheld drive test tool

SKU: Nemo handy

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Nemo Handy - the world’s most widely used handheld drive test tool

For greater mobility, economy and ease in network performance measurement with a handheld drive test tool

Nemo Handy offers smart and discreet solutions for thorough drive test measurements on the wireless air interface and mobile application quality-of-service/quality-of-experience QoS/QoE. 

Nemo handy

The handheld drive test tool, Nemo Handy, is highly suitable for performing measurements both outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces while being simultaneously used as a regular mobile phone. Nemo Handy provides you with the best real-time measurement visualization on the handheld market

In addition to a rich variety of real-time displays, all RF and signaling data is logged to a phone’s internal storage or memory card. Logfiles are made available in Nemo File Format that allows easy post-processing with Nemo Outdoor playback, Nemo Analyze, or third-party post-processing tools.

Versatile handheld measurement solution

Nemo Handy-A is supported on the latest Android-based terminals, such as, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z. Nemo Handy-A supports the measuring and monitoring of GSM, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE, and WiFi (HetNet) wireless networks, and mobile application QoS/QoE. Nemo Handy-A features include POLQA and PESQ voice quality testing, indoor measurements, forcing features, YouTube video streaming, and live outdoor map support with BTS icons. Nemo Handy-A provides you with the best real-time measurement visualization on the handheld market. Nemo Handy-A’s offer full application level metrics on voice calls, voice quality, FTP/HTTP data transfers, Iperf, HTML browsing, YouTube streaming, Facebook testing, SMS messaging, and ping.


• Technology  leader - Nemo Handy has set the standard for handheld drive test tools and network measurement devices since 2005 and continues to do so today as the most widely used handheld measurement tool in the world.

• Extensive application testing features

• Smart  and inconspicuous – Ideal solution for indoor measurements on the latest Android terminals

• Nemo Handy is your regular phone and measurement tool in one device

• Vendor independence – Open Nemo File Format enables full and proven compatibility with third-party tools

• Support for widest range of Android based devices on the market

• Support for POLQA & PESQ voice quality testing

• Support for DRT4311B scanner

• Support for Qualcomm and Broadcom chipsets

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