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 NaviTEK II PRO R151002 images

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NaviTEK II PRO R151002

SKU: NaviTEK II PRO R151002

NaviTEK II PRO R151002

Product description

IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS range of hand held test devices offer a comprehensive range of active and passive network test capability from basic cabling faults through to network monitoring, PC diagnostics and VoIP QoS amongst many others. This range delivers easy to use, high performance test and troubleshooting capability in LAN, WLAN and VLAN networks over copper, fibre and WiFi ensuring minimum downtime and saving money.


Meet our versatile networks technician's tester for troubleshooting and maintenance of active and passive networks across both copper and fibre, helping to pinpoint and solve networking issues quickly.

As a powerful LAN management tester for installers and IT or facilities maintenance professionals working in any enterprise, residential, campus or industrial Ethernet environment, NaviTEK II saves money and increases efficiency by simplifying and accelerating network troubleshooting using a single multifunction device.


  • Suitable for copper and fibreEliminate the need to purchase and carry multiple different testers by using one device to conduct active and passive testing across both copper and fibre networks
  • Wiremapping by pin as well as pairSave time on the job and locate wiremap faults more quickly and accurately by testing via both pin and pair, detecting split pairs and identifying the distance to fault
  • Additional Ethernet troubleshooting capabilitiesMaximise Return on Investment with the added ability to identify Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) issues, in addition to verifying Ethernet connectivity
  • Support for IPv6 and PoENaviTEK II supports both IPv4 and IPv6 internet addresses, as well as PoE, making it a future-proof investment
  • Reporting of test resultsSimplify customer reporting and create accurate documentation on jobs undertaken using NaviTEK II to generate and store test results in standards compliant XML format. Additionally, view and export results to enable report printing
  • 802.1x compatibilityLog onto networks secured by this protocol, avoiding unnecessary security complications and lengthy project delays



    NaviTEK II is available in three models with specifications to meet all user needs


    NaviTEK II Entry model facilitates LAN testing over copper networks and includes functionality for detecting PoE

    Part No.

    Kit Contents


    NaviTEK II

    1 x NaviTEK II test unit, 1 x Remote unit No. 1, 4 x AA dry cell batteries (non-rechargeable), 2 x Patch cables - 30cm, Cat. 5e STP,1 x Manual on CD, 1 x Quick reference guide, 1 x Carrying case



    Introduces additional testing capabilities, including support for VLAN and sto­rage for test results

    Part No.

    Kit Contents



    1 x NaviTEK II PLUS test unit, 1 x Remote unit No. 1, 2 x Patch cables - 30cm, Cat. 5e STP, 1 x Rechargeable power module, 1 x PSU with UK/EU/US adaptors, 1 x Manual on CD, 1 x Quick reference guide, 1 x Carrying case

    NaviTEK II PRO

    Fully featured solution, suitable for copper and fibre networks

    Part No.

    Kit Contents


    NaviTEK II PRO – Premium kit

    1 x NaviTEK II PRO test unit, 1 x Remote unit No. 1, 2 x Patch cables - 30cm, Cat. 5e STP, 1 x Rechargeable power module, 1 x PSU with UK/EU/US adaptors, 1 x Manual on CD, 1 x Quick reference guide, 1 x Carrying case

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Product details

Category: Cable testers

Product code - SKU: NaviTEK II PRO R151002

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