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 NA7100 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer images


NA7100 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer

: NA7100B 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer

NA7100 is mainly applied for communication , satellite, wireless TV & broadcast and CATV industries.


Product Description


1. Application

• Communication: Antenna, Amplifying module, Coaxial Cable, Connector and so on. 

• Satellite TV: Amplifiers, Spliters and so on

• Wireless Boradcasting & TV: Antenna, Transmitter

• CATV: Amplifiers, Spliters and so  on

• Other industries: researching and manufacture of crystal, surface acoustic and cable.


2. Main testing Functions

Transmission, Insertrion loss, Gain, Insertion Phase, Isolation,

Group Delay, return Loss, VSWR, Impedance, Center Frequency

of Crystal surface acoustic, 3dB  Bandwidth, In-band flatness, Out-

band Restrain, Rectangle Coefficient, Q-Value and son on


3. Model

NA7100A    50 Ω

NA7100B   75 Ω



• Two channels, Four traces display

• Fast sweep time

• Save/ print/ recall function

• USB, parallel, RS-232 and VGA, LAN interface

• Automatic PASS/FAIL judgement






Frequency Range  

300 kHz    ̴̴ 1.3 GHz

Frequency stability

≤± 5 ppm

Frequency Resolution

1 Hz

Phase Noise

≤-67 dBc/Hz (10 kHz Offset)

Output Level Range

-50 dBm   ̴̴ +10 dBm

Level Accuracy

≤± 1.5 dB (25 °C + 5 °C)

Harmonic Rejection

≥-30 dBc (>1 MHz)

≤- 25 dBc (≤ 1 MHz)


≥ 50 dB (After Vector calibration)




Resolution Bandwidth

100 Hz   ̴̴ 15 kHz

Dynamic Range

≥100 dB (RBW=1 kHz)

Level Accuracy

≤ ± 1.5 dB

Measurement Resolution

0.01 dB

Maximum Input Level

+ 10 dBm




Phase Resolution





Phase Stability

0.5° (RBW=1 kHz)

1°  (RBW=3 kHz)


Sweep Time

150 ms/field     ̴̴ 5 s/field

(201 points)


7.5" Colour TFT LCD


Measurement Channels

2 channels, 4 tracks

Measurement Format


Measurement Parameters

Logarithm amplitude, Linearity amplitude, Phase, Group delay, real part, imaginary part. VSWR, Smith chart, pole chart


Front Panel

Type-N Input and Output port, USB 1.1 port

Rear Panel

RS-232, Parallel interface, Standard VGA output and Standard keyboard interface


Power Supply

AC 90 V    ̴̴ 250 V/ 50 Hz, P≤113 W


15 kg

Working Environment

Temperature: -10°C   ̴̴ 40°C, Humidity: ≤ 75%

Store Environment

-10°C   ̴̴ 50°C

Inside Storage

1 G Byte


400 mm x 220 mm x 470 mm




NA7100 is the best combination of high speed, accuracy, productive and low cost. It helps reduce the testing time, increase output, and lower the overal cost of components such as: Filter, Amplifier, Antennas, Cables, Taps and Splittera


Amplifier Measurement

With high precision receiver and accurate signal level from signal source, NA7100 can perform qualitative measurement: working frequency range, gain, flatness, AGC feature, return loss and isolation, and gain compression of amplifier. Also, power sweep function can catch 1 dB compression point of amplifier. NA7100 provides various tests and display modes to support high accuracy testing, especially for reflection strictly requested in bidrectional digital HFC network.


Splitter Measurement

NA7100 can measure transmisiion and reflection parameter of splitter including insertion loss, flatness, isolation, return loss and so on.


Filter Measurement

NA7100 can not only test various types of filter transmission and reflection, but also with intelligent analysis module accurately display center frequency, NdB bandwidth, insert loss, Q value and group delay. Also its automatic Pass/Fail function can significantly speed up the test.


The special two windows mode helps users to test filter both in narrowband and wideband and all filter parameters list can be displayed


Antenna Measurement

the main function parameters of antenna are gain, input impedance, standing wave ratio, polarization method, and  return loss. With NA7100 you can easily test medium wave antennas, short wave antennas and the antennas with the frequency under 3000MHz.


Cable Measuremment

NA71000 can get the cable loss and transmission constant through measure the cable's parameters: insertion loss, impedance, return loss, standing wave ratio and so on. And every point measurement speed can be set between 0.3ms~20ms.




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Category: Spectrum Analyzer

Product code - SKU: NA7100B 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer

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