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Mobile Phone Trainer

SKU: Mobile Phone Trainer 10903

Consumer Electronics Trainers


Product Description:
 MOBILE PHONE TRAINER kit has capability of full duplex mobile communication. Provides basic theory and working fundamentals of a 2G hand set based on the NOKIA 3310/3315. This trainer kit designed with a view to provide network, power supply, charging & user interface circuits for their practical and theoretical study based on NOKIA 3310/3315. Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students.


    • Real time Mobile Operation
    • Expanded and open trainer
    • Full understanding of mobile phone working
    • Frequency measurement and band verification
    • Provides study of all sections in mobile phone
    • TX/RX Frequency measurements
    • 2G technology & GMSK signals
    • GSM data rate
    • Detail study of User Interface Control signals
    • Detail study of SIM Operation
    • Battery identification and charging study
    • Switch Faults

Technical Specifications:

    • Cellular System : EGSM/GSM 900
    • Rx Frequency Band : EGSM 925, 960MHz: GSM 900, 935, 960MHz
    • Tx Frequency Band : EGSM 880, 890MHz: GSM 900, 890, 915MHz
    • Output Power : +5V, +33dBm/32mW, 2W
    • Channel Spacing : 200 KHz
    • Antenna : Loop type, 50W
    • Display : 84 x 48 pixels
    • On Board sections : Antenna, Keypad, SIM, Charging Circuit, Clock, User interface such as Buzzer, Vibrator, LEDs.
    • No. of test points : 54
    • No. of switched fault : 20
    • Features that can be set : Screen savers, Ring tones, Logos, SMS etc.
    • Accessories included : Battery, Mains cord, Manual, Hands Free Kit
    • Power Requirement : 220V ± 10% 50 Hz
    • Power consumption : 3.6 Watts (Approx)
    • Fuse : 1.5 amps

Experiments That Can Be Performed:

    • To study and measure the GMSK signals such as Tx.1/ QRx1/Q
    • To study and observe the system CLK
    • Observation of Audio signal
    • To study and measure the power supply
    • Study of charging phenomena with fault insertion
    • Study and measure PWM signal of UI circuit such as Vibrator LED buzzer
    • Measurement of LED with fault insertion
    • Keypad study with fault insertion
    • Observe and measure the SIM Card CLK with fault insertion
    • Weight : 5 Kg. (Approx.)
    • Dimension : W 412 x H 150 x D 310
    • To study and measure frequency band

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Product details

Category: Consumer Electronics Trainers

Product code (SKU): Mobile Phone Trainer 10903

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