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 Mango 3 Fusion Splicer images


Mango 3 Fusion Splicer

: Mango 3

Product Description

Mango is new standard core alignment splicing machine covering various splicing needs, such as multi-function fiber holder, integrated cooling tray, SOC slider, 8s splicing, 24s heating etc.. All these are made for efficient splicing.

- 5 inch color LCD display
- 8s splicing, 24 heating time
- Multi-function fiber holder
- Integrated cooling tray
- Graphical buttons and Smart GUI interface
- Simultaneous X and Y views with 200 times magnification,300 times magnification X or Y view


* Applicable Fibers:  SM, MM, DS, NZDS, EDF
 * Splicing Fiber Number:  Single core
 * Average Splicing Loss:  0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS),0.04dB(BIF/UBIF)
 * Splicing Mode:  Auto & Manual & Half Auto
 * Splicing Setting:  100 groups customize
 * Splicing Time:  Typical 8s with standard SM fiber
 * Heating Time:    24
 * Electrode Life:  2500
 * Tension Test:  2.0N(Standard)
 * LCD:  5.0 inch color LCD
 * Language:  English or customize
 * Fiber Magnification: X/Y:180 times,X or Y:360times
 * Storage: 10000 groups
 * Data Connector: USB 2.0
 * Power Supply: Li-ion battery or AC/DC input:13.5V
 * Battery Capacity: Typical 200 cycles(splicing and heating)
 * Environmental Conditions:  -10~+50℃(operation temperature),0~95% RH(humidity),0~5000(altitude)
 * Size(H*W*D):  164mm * 141mm * 138mm
 * Weight:  1.83kg

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Product details

Category: Fusion Splicers

Product code - SKU: Mango 3

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