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 Logic Training Board on OR/NOR, AND/NAND, NOT/Buffer 50838609 images

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Logic Training Board on OR/NOR, AND/NAND, NOT/Buffer 50838609

SKU: Logic Training Board on OR/NOR, AND/NAND, NOT/Buffer 50838609

Digital Electronics Trainer


Product Description:

Computer Logic Training Board has been designed specifically to study simple Logic Functions and Theorems of Boolean Algebra and to compare the truth table with experimental results. This training board offers a new method of training students in the basic theory of digital circuits and make them familiar with basic experiments in digital circuits. The board is absolutely self contained and requires no other apparatus. Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students.


To study and verify the following:

• 01. OR/NOR Function.

• 02. AND/NAND Function.

• 03. NOT/BUFFER Function.

• 04. Simple function of several variables.

• 05. Distributive Law.

• 06. Commutative Law.

• 07. Associative Law.

• 08. De Morgan's Theorem.


The board consists of the following built-in parts:

• 01. + 5V D.C. at 500mA, IC Regulated Power Supply internally connected.

• 02. Two, 3-input NAND gates followed by an inverter to give 3-input AND/NAND gates.

• 03. Two, 3-input NOR gates followed by an inverter to give 3-input OR/NOR gates.

• 04. Two, NOT gates followed by another NOT gate to give BUFFER outputs.

• 05. Switches for logic selection.

• 06. LEDs for visual indication of status.

• 07. Adequate no. of other Electronic Components.

• 08. Mains ON/OFF switch, Fuse and Jewel light.

• The unit is operative on 230V ±10% at 50Hz A.C. Mains.

• Adequate no. of patch cords stackable from rear both ends 4mm spring loaded plug length ½ metre

• Good Quality, reliable terminal/sockets are provided at appropriate places on panel for connections / observation of waveforms.

• Strongly supported by detailed Operating Instructions, giving details of Object, Theory, Design procedures, Report Suggestions and Book References.

• Weight : 3 Kg. (Approx.)

• Dimension : W 340 x H 110 x D 210


Note: Specifications are subject to change. Order Code can be different from Manufacturer’s Model No.


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Product details

Category: Digital Electronics Trainer

Manufacturer: Tesca

Product code - SKU: Logic Training Board on OR/NOR, AND/NAND, NOT/Buffer 50838609

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