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 Line Tracking Mouse (Light Sensor) images

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Line Tracking Mouse (Light Sensor)

SKU: Line Tracking Mouse (Light Sensor) 50849503

Robotic Kits/Trainers


Product Description:

Robotic DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits enhances learning skills for Hobbyist, Science & Engg. Students. The kits enhances technical skills in the field of soldering, electronics, sensors (light, sound, infrared) and mechanical systems. They provide hands on experience for co-ordination of electronics with mechanical arrangements to give shape to a science, ROBOTICS. All the kits are complete with different parts, electronic & mechanical components, step by step write up, circuits and mechanical arrangements. The system can be assembled by learner to give them PRACTICAL EDGE.


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Product details

Category: Robotic Kits/Trainers

Manufacturer: Tesca

Product code (SKU): Line Tracking Mouse (Light Sensor) 50849503

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