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 IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester images


IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester

SKU: IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester

IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester


Product Description

IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester is a comprehensive testing tool for E1, V interfaces, and Gigabit Ethernet link maintenance and troubleshooting. It could achieve BER testing from 50b/s to 2048kb/s, support various V interfaces, 10/100/1000M Ethernet cable testing, traffic testing, RFC2544 testing and diagnosis tool (PING, traceoute, port location tool, loopback tool etc), and it also could support PPPoE function, FTP download and WEB browsing. On the other hand, the tester could also provide integrated testing of E1, V interfaces and Ethernet, and IP PING testing by E1 or V interfaces to meet the demand of one tester with multi-functions.



• G.703 E1 testing

- Abnormal defects and performance analysis

- Various alarms and error insertion

- E1 in-service monitoring


• V series interface testing

- V.24/RS232 and V.35 interface error testing

- Various working mode settings

- ITU standard BER analysis


• Ethernet testing

-Traffic generation: Gigabit wiring speed traffic production capability, support VLAN label, IP QOS, PRBS code type setting.

- Traffic statistics: make statistics for Tx/Rx frames, utilization rate, error frame, different length frame, VLAN frame, suspension frame, broadcast frames etc.

- RFC2544 testing: test throughput, latency, package loss rate and back to back buffer frames, check fully network performance indexes.

- LAN testing:  Network equipment scanning, server performance testing, conflict detection, etc.


• Others

- Support two layers protocol encapsulation (PPP/HDLC/FR protocol) on E1 (G.703) line, and support IP Ping testing.

- Ping testing supports one to many models, and ping multiple addresses at the same time.

- Connectiviy testing: support PING, traceoute function.

- Wiring testing: Support cable length, wiremap, crosstalk testing and provide wiring diagnosis tools like port location, cable tracing, etc.

- Physical port testing: Support high and low level testing of electrical interface, and check if the network equipment can provide POE power supply

- PPPoE function: support PPPoE dial-up, make traffic testing based on PPPoE

- Data loopback: support data loopback functions of physical layer, MAC layer, network layer

- Terminal emulation: Support wire speed FTP download and WEB browsing function

- Data management: Easy to copy, check, delete and export testing data


• Features

- One tester with multiple functions, provide integrated testings of E1, V interface and Ethernet, IP PING testing by E1 or V interface.

- Good compatibility: Support end-to-end testing with E1 tester and Ethernet tester from Citek

- Small and portable: Smaller and lighter compared with the similar product

- Optimized structure design: dustproof and anti-shock design for testing interface.

- Advanced cooling system: Ensure long and stable operation


IAT50810 integrated Access Tester

IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester

Integrated Access Tester





210 x 110 x 60 mm


1 Kg


Colour 4.3" LCD, 480 x 272

Operation mode

Touch screen


USB, RJ45, DC power

Data storage

SD card (2G)


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Operation time

7 Hours

Operation temperature

-10oC - 50oC

Relative humidity                

10% - 90%                                 




E1 Internal clock


E1 Signal code


E1 Signal interface

ITU-T G.703

E1 Tx

L9 75Ω unbalanced, RJ48

120Ω balanced

E1 Rx

L9 75Ω unbalanced / high impedance>2KΩ,

RJ48 120Ω balanced / high impedance>2KΩ

V series interface


Ethernet interface

10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45

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Product details

Category: Telecomms

Manufacturer: Citek

Product code - SKU: IAT50810 Integrated Access Tester

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