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 GUIDE MobIR  M4 mobile infrared camera images


GUIDE MobIR M4 mobile infrared camera

SKU: MobIR M4 mobile infrared camera

MobIR ® M4 mobile infrared camera 

Product Description 

The revolutionary MOBIR M4 combines sophisticated features and high quality imaging with ease of use and affordability. With the storage capacity for up to 600 images, the MOBIR M4 simultaneously takes a thermal image with a visual one, saving time on the job, and providing a useful reporting and analysis tool.

The MOBIR M4 comes complete with precise full screen temperature measurement, voice recording and plug & play USB connectivity. Plus, the easy to use, professional software generates reports and views images in eight different colour palettes, providing you with all the tools you need to archive, organise and analyse your infrared images


• Simultaneous high quality visual and thermal image capture
• Stores up to 600 images!
• Ultra compact, robust & easy to use
• Full radiometric measurement
• Advanced on-board image processing
• Digital image storage with voiced recording



Electrical Systems Inspection

Electrical faults or potential problems are easy to detect using infrared to identify heat anomilies, helping you reduce downtime, prevent costly failures and saving time and money


Pipework & Insulation

The MOBIR M4 allows you to detect wear and tear in pipework and insulation without using destructive testing! Use the MOBIR M4 to find hot and cold spots, enabling you to fix the problem before it occurs


Mechanical Systems Inspection

Potential  mechanical faults can be easily detected with infrared and with a video rate refresh rate, the M$ can accurately capture images and temperatures even when the object is moving or rotating.


Building Inspection

The MOBIR M4's impressive level of resolution and thermal sensitivity, makes it an economical choice when looking to detect small temperature variations over large areas.





Detector type

Uncooled FPA microbolometer


160 x 120 focal plane array

Thermal Sensitivity

≤ 120mk @ 30 °C

Frame Rate

Video rate 50Hz

Electronic zoom

X 2


2.2'' colour LCD screen

On screen indicators

Hot spot & centre point


Store up to 600 images

Temperature range

-20 °C to 250 °C


±2 °C or ± 2% of reading

Field of view

25° x  19°

Battery Operating Time

Over 2 hours continuous operation


USB, Audio & Video


265g including battery- very light weight


120mm x 60mm x 30mm (std model)

Colour Palettes

8 Palettes (incl rainbow, iron, B&W etc)


IR Analyser




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Product details

Category: Thermal/Infrared Camera's

Product code - SKU: MobIR M4 mobile infrared camera

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