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 Grandway Optical Talkset (OTS-4) images

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Grandway Optical Talkset (OTS-4)

SKU: Grandway Optical Talkset (OTS-4) South Africa

Grandway Optical Talkset (OTS-4)

Product Description

Main Features: 
•  Energy-saving design, long-time operation 
• Can be used as a steady laser source 
•  Articulate voice, low background noise 
•  Judgmatical calling function 
•  32 steps volume control 
•  Low-power alarm 
•  Maximum dynamic range 50dB for long distance communication 


 • Wavelength A: 1310nm, B: 1550nm 

(unit A works at 1310nm, unit B works at 1550nm) 
• Telecommunication system Full duplex communication 
• Modulation type Simulated and Numerical 
• Fiber type: SM & MM (the dynamic range will be 20db shrink with MM fiber) 
• Spectral Width <15nm 
• Adaptor type FC/PC SC/PC ST/PC FC/PC 
• Dynamic range 45dB @1550nm 
• 40dB @1310nm 50dB @1550nm 
• 45dB @1310nm 
• Buzzer: 16KHz carrier wave 
• Output power -3 dBm 
• Power supply: 9V laminated battery (AC/DC optional) 
• Replaceable build-in Ni-MH battery 
• Operating hours: 10 hours (standard) 40 hours (standard) 
• Tri-party communication: NO YES 
• Hands-free (build-in)speaker: NO YES 
• Dimension: 160L*70W*20H 220*110*45 
• Operating temperature -10~+50Centigrade 
• Storage temperature -20~+70Centigrade 
• Operating humidity <95% 
• Net weight 200g (including battery) 550g (including battery) 

 Standard items: 

• Main units (unit A and unit B) 
• FC/PC adaptor 
• Protective Rubber Root 
• Carrying Case 
• Operating Manual 
• Battery 
• Headset 



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Product details

Category: Optical Talk Sets

Manufacturer: Grandway

Product code - SKU: Grandway Optical Talkset (OTS-4) South Africa

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