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 Grandway OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier images

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Grandway OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier

SKU: Grandway OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier

Grandway OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier

Product Description

The OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier is a low cost, portable instrument designed to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic. During maintenance, installations, rerouting or restorations, it's often necessary to isolate a specific fiber. By simply clamping the OFI-3 onto a fiber, the OFI will indicate if there is a signal, a Modulated Signal, or traffic and show signal direction. 

The OFI-3 is recommended for both 0.25/0.9 mm bare fiber and 3mm jacketed fiber. When testing coated fibers, the slim design of the OFI-3 allows easier access to a splice tray where the amount of work space is limited. The clamping trigger is designed to fit the natural motion of the operator's hand. A highly impact molded plastic case makes the OFI-3 suitable for use outside plant or in the central office. 

•Easy and convenient operation with a single keystroke 
•Detecting three signal frequencies 2kHz, 1kHz, 270Hz 
•Displaying signal intensity 
•Low battery reminder 
•Concise LED light 
•Two 1.5 V dry batteries (Mignon AA size) 
•Interchangeable adapter heads(clamps) for jacketed and coated fiber. 

•Recognizable Wavelength Range: 900 to 1650nm 
•Recognizable signal type: CW, 2kHz, 1kHz, 270Hz within5% 
•Detector Type: InGaAa 2pcs 
•Clamp Type: H0.9/0.25 for bare fibers; H2.5 for jacketed fiber 

•@ 1310nm +11dB—-25dBm (Continuous Wave); 
•> -15 dBm (Modulated Signal) 
•@ 1550nm +11dB—-35dBm (Continuous Wave); 
> -18dBm (Modulated Signal) 
•LED Indicator: Signal traffic; Signal frequency(2kHz/1kHz/270Hz); 
•Signal intensity (5 grades); Low battery 

General Specifications: 
•Operating temperature: -10 to +50Centigrade 
•Storage temperature: -20 to+70Centigrade 
•Power Supply: 1. 5V AA batteries*2pcs 
•Dimension (mm): 202L*62W*36H 
•Weight (g): 270 

Standard Items: 
•Main unit 
•Carrying case 
•Operating Manual
•Two interchangeable adapter heads(clamps) for jacketed and coated fiber


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Product details

Category: Optical Fiber Identifiers

Brand: Grandway

Product code (SKU): Grandway OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier

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