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 GEA-8120A Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer images


GEA-8120A Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer

SKU: GEA-8120A

Product Description:

GEA-8120A is a handheld expert instrument for Ethernet deployment , maintenance, and troubleshooting. It supports 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 electrical interface and 100/1000Mbps SFP optical interface, monitors network operation status through termination mode. It can be used for cable testing, LAN testing, and terminal emulation. Meanwhile, the instrument provides comprehensive network performance evaluation for the deployment and maintenance of networks and services through traffic analysis, BER, and RFC2544.

GEA-8120A is the right product meeting the current testing requirements for Ethernet applications in IP network, transport network and MSTP. Comprehensive test functions, various port configurations, flexible operation modes friendly user interface make this product outstanding in the market.    



• Traffic generation: gigabit wire-speed traffic generation capability, support VLAN, IP QOS, and PRBS setting, multi-stream configuration, up to b streams

• Traffic statistics: statistics for sending and receiving frames, utilization rate, error frame, different length frame, VLAN frame, pause frame, broadcast frame etc

• BER testing: support layer 2 or layer 3 BER testing.

• RFC2544 testing: support throughput, latency, frame loss rate and back-to-back testing.

• Data loopback: support the physical layer, MAC layer, IP layer data loopback.

• Network device scan: support for IP lookup in accordance with existing equipment and networks for open ports

• Terminal emulation: support PPPoE dial-up connection, Web browsing, FTP download testing

• PoE testing: identify PoE device

• Common network tool: support PING, trace route, flashing port, tone generation, link detection, and optical power testing.

• Cable testing: cable length, sequence, open, short, crosstalk testing, wiremap testing.

• Data management: support save, view, delete, copy and other operations of the test results.



• Portable and compact design, small and light.

• Simple and easy operation: high-definition colour touch screen and graphical user interface.

• Powerful performance analysis: provide comprehensive network performance evaluation for the deployment and maintenance of networks and services through traffic analysis, BER, and RFC2544.

• Good Compatibility: support end-to-end testing with other Ethernet testers from DADI Telecom

 • Built-in large capacity Li-ion battery, longer operating time

• Optimised structure design, dust-proof and anti-shock

• Advanced cooling system ensures long time and stable operation.



• End-to-end testing:

Use two instruments to do traffic performance testing and BER testing. The far-end instrument can automatically do RFE2544 testing with the near-end.


• Termination mode:

Use the instrument  to connect network, cable or equipment and execute connectivity testing, cable testing, termination emulation, LAN testing.


• Loopback mode:

The instrument is in the status of data loop back and loops back received data according to data loop back layer 









Colour 4.3"LCD, 480x272

Operation mode

Touch screen


USB, RJ45, DC power

Data storage

2G SD Card

Test interface




DIX, 802.3SNAP


Li-ion battery

Operation time

>7 hours

Operation temperature

-10 °C~+50°C

Operation humidity



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Product details

Category: Telecomms

Product code - SKU: GEA-8120A

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