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Electronics Components Tester

SKU: Electronics Components Tester

Electronics Components Tester 


Product Description

It is the latest Microcontroller based Electronic Components Functional Tester. It functionally tests a variety of electronic active components and linear ICs including Diodes, Zener Diode, Transistor, SCR, UJT, FET Operational Amplifiers, Comparators, Transistor Arrays, Optocouplers, Analog switches, Multiplexers, Voltage followers, A to D converters, Timers, VCO, PLL, Waveform Generators, Relays & Other selected special function analog ICS.


• No Personality cards/reference IC/IC data required.

• Automatic testing  of ICs until aborted. Number of times the test was succesful.

• Continuous mode of testing ICs aborted.

• Step mode to locate the faulty pin. Step number and faulty pin number are displayed.

• Backspace clear select option and number keys for editing IC number.

• Remembers the IC number for repeated testing of same IC.

• Self test facility during power-on and through keyboard.

• Help key for short description of the various key function.

• Potential free 20 pin ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socketfor easy insertion and removal of ICs under test and component holder to hold components.

• Computer Interface through RS232C for enhancement of IC test library

• Buzzer to indicate bad IC





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Product details

Category: IC Testers & Programmers

Brand: Tesca

Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Marketer of Test, Measuring & Educational / Vocational / Didactic Technical Training Equipment. Tesca offers quality products in varied fields providing the complete package to the customers in user friendly & IT savvy manner. We are...

Product code (SKU): Electronics Components Tester

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