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Product Description

The DI-1000L-PRO combines the all digital wide-view DI-1000L microscope with our ConnectorView Plus v2 Pass/Fail software for fast objective analysis of fiberoptic connector endfaces. Powered by it's direct USB 2.0 connection to your PC, the DI-1000L-Pro can provide you with automatically centered Analysis Reports and Summary Reports in Excel or text.



• Focus easily, quickly

• Operate witrh one hand

• Create Auto-centered Analysis reports

• Analyze live or frozen images

• Include notes with your Analysis Reports

• Use IEC 61300-3-35 anlysis criteria, or set your own

• Inspect patchcords (male) and bulkheads (female)

• Connect directly to your PC with USB2.0

• Use your mouse or built-in freeze/capture button

• Enlarge images with digital zoom


DI-1000L-PRO Package

• DI-1000L USB 2.0 Digital Inspection probe

• CD with ConnectorView Plus v2 software, driver, and User's Manual

• Tip for SC and FC PC type female connectors

• Tip for LC PC type female connectors

• Universal tip for 2.5mm PC male connectors

• Universal tip for 1.25mm PC male connectors

• Soft carrying case 



DI-1000L-PRO Data Sheet



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Product details

Category: Optical Inspectors

Product code (SKU): DI-1000L-PRO

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