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 Deviser E7000A/ E7100A Cable & Antenna Analyzer images


Deviser E7000A/ E7100A Cable & Antenna Analyzer

: Deviser E7000A/ E7100A

Deviser E7000A/ E7100A Cable & Antenna Analyzer



E7000A series cable and antenna analyzer is a perfect instrument for wireless and broadcasting base station. It covers 25 MHz to 6000 MHz frequency span and fits for the wireless communication and broadcasting market.

E7000A series provides 3 GHz spectrum analyzer option. The spectrum analyzer option can be configured as spectrum analyzer, interference analysis, power meter, and field strength meter. With the multi-functional capabilities, it eliminates the need to carry and learn multiple instruments.


Return Loss/VSWR

With >42 dB return loss dynamic range, E7000A series verifies the cable and antenna system which conform to performance specifications.



DTF (distance-to-fault )function troubleshoots systems and locate the problem.

E7000A series displays cable characteristic(VSWR and RETURN LOSS) versus distance. Using the tools, users can monitor small relative changes over time.


2-ports Transmission Measurements(With E7000-SA Option)

2-ports transmission measurement enables you to measure gain, isolation and insertion loss as well as sector-to-sector isolation verification.


USB Power Meter Sensor Option

The power meter sensor option provides RMS measurement for both CW and digital modulated signal. It supports 50M~6GHz frequency range.


Spectrum Analyzer Option (E7000-SA)

E7000-SA covers 100k Hz to 3 GHz frequency range.

With this option, E7000A series can provide spectrum analysis, power meter, ACPR, OBW and interference signal analysis functions.


GPS Receiver Option

GPS receiver option provides location (longitude, latitude, altitude) and Universal Time (UT) information. For the E7000A series, all measurement results can be saved with location and time information.


All in one tool
E7000A series is integrated with cable&antenna analyzer and spectrum analyzer. Users can perform measurement for wireless and broadcasting base station installation, maintenance with only one instrument – E7000 series. 


Friendly GUI
Better user interface and easy to use.


Fast measurement speed
With 1.5ms/point sweep time, it is better for field measurement.


Large internal memory 
With more than 1GB internal memory space, E7000A series can save more 2000 trace files.


Flexible calibration mode
E7000A series has 2 calibration modes. Standard OSL(OPEN-SHORT-LOAD) calibration is more accurate. Full span calibration is based on the stand OSL mode. With this mode, users don’t need to re-calibrate the E7000 series when change the frequency range. 


Easy data link
E7000A series has one 10M/100M LAN port. It supports standard SCPI program interface which is open to user for developing  user defined program. 
E7000A series has 2 USB ports. It is easy to import and export files between the instrument and USB disk.













Return Loss

Cable Loss

Distance-to-Fault (DTF) Return Loss

Distance-to-Fault (DTF) VSWR

1-Port Phase

Smith Chart

Frequency Range

25 MHz ~ 4400 MHz

25 MHz ~ 6000 MHz

Frequency Resolution

1 kHz

Frequency Accuracy

±5 ppm

Output Power Level

0 dBm typical

Sweep Time

1.5 ms/point

Data Points


RF Immunity


0 dBm within ±10 kHz of the carrier frequency

+17 dBm @ >1.0 MHz from carrier frequency

Corrected Directivity

>42 dB after OSL calibration

>38 dB after full span calibration

Return Loss


0.00-60.00 dB


0.01 dB






Cable Loss



0.00-30.00 dB


0.01 dB



Return Loss Range

0.00-60 dB

VSWR Range



0 to  (Data points-1)/(Span×2) × Vp × C

Span=frequency range

Resolution (m)

=Vp × C /(Span×2)

RF Output Port

NF Type


50 Ω


6.5” TFT LCD,  640*480




1 USB2.0, 1 mini USB

1 10 M / 100 M LAN port

Storage Space

1GB memory, >2000 trace files

Operating Temperature

-10 ~ +55℃

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ +80℃


< 2.2 kg

Dimension(L×W×H)( mm)

258 × 173 ×74

Power Supply


11.1 V, 5.2AH

Continuous Work Time

>4.5 Hours

AC Adapter Output

15 ~ 19 V DC

AC Adapter Input

100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz


English, Chinese

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Category: Cable and Antenna Analyser

Product code - SKU: Deviser E7000A/ E7100A

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