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 CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway images

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CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway

SKU: CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway

CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway


Product Description

The CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway provides a central point of control for DVB-T2 and DVB-T2 Lite networks, enabling the operator to take advantage of the more efficient spectrum utilization promised by next-generation terrestrial broadcasting.

CP560 rearranges the transport stream into the DVB-T2 Modulator Interface format. The DVB-T2 Modulator Interface also controls the modulator parameters and provides the accurate timing and rate control required in an SFN network.

The CP560 is part of T-VIPS’  cProcessor toolbox which makes TS processing simple and delivers flexible, cost-effective interfacing to broadcast and IP-based networks. 

The CP560 provides flexible interfacing with ASI or IP inputs, and DVB-T2 MI outputs over ASI and IP. It encapsulates one or several MPEG transport streams in a single Physical Layer Pipe (PLP) or multiple PLPs.

DVB-T2 promises significantly better frequency resource utilisation in terrestrial networks than DVB-T. In fact, DVB-T2 can give up to 50% increase in on-air available bandwidth. Amongst other things, The DVB-T2 standard provides additional frequency bandwidth options, extended carrier modes up to 32k, as well as rotated constellations which provide increased carrier robustness. 



• Gateway between DVB-T2 head-ends and transmission network

• DVB-T2 preprocessing

• DVB-T2 Lite networks

• Centralized control and signalling of DVB-T2 modulators

• Synchronization for DVB-T2 SFN networks


Key Features

• DVB-T2 MI interface to the DVB-T2  and DVB-T2Lite modulators

- L1 signalling insertion

- SFN time stamp insertion

• Seamless SFN/MFN T2 switching

- Support for deterministic T2 frame alignment

• Single and multiple PLP operation

- Encapsulating the transport stream in DVB-T2 baseband frames

- Mapping of input transport streams into individual PLPs

• Individual signalling of DVB-T2 modulators

- Multiple Input Single Output (MISO)

- Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) parameters

• ASI and IP input/output interfaces

- Support for Reed-Solomon on ASI output

- Support for FEC on IP input and output (option)

• Input redundancy

- Automatic input switching on signal loss or critical alarm condition (option

• User-friendly configuration and control

- WEB/XML based remote control

- SNMP agent for easy integration with NMS systems

- Integrated with T-VIPS Connect

- Validation of T2 parameters



Transport Stream Interfaces



1-10 DVB ASI

1-8 inputs/outputs, min. 2 outputs


Female BNC

Input Bit rate:

Max. 213 Mbit/s

Output Bit rate:

Max. 213 Mbit/s

Gigabit Ethernet (option)


2x 100/1000Base-T Ethernet

1 x SFP (option)


RJ45 (100/1000Base-T),  SFP

TS Encapsulation:

SMPTE 2022-2

Forward Error Correction:

SMPTE 2022-1

TSoIP inputs/outputs:

Up to 8 in/8 out (IP smallcast)




DVB T2 - MI adaption:

DVB-T2 versions 1.1.1, 1.2.1 and 1.3.1

Single and multiple PLP

T2 MIP and SFN time stamp insertion

Individual addressing and FEF

L1 signalling

Bandwidth: 1.7, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 10 MHz

Clock reference:


UTC time reference:

SNTP adjustment

Input signal monitoring:

ETSI TR 101 290 priority 1

T2-Lite support:

New parameter options for mobile


Input redundancy:

Input switching on loss of signal or

critical alarm condition

Deterministic T2 alignment:

DVB T2 frames are synchronised to

absolute time for seamless switching

between two independent CP560.



Control and Management


10/100 Base-T Ethernet




Element control through HTTP/WEB

XML Configuration import and export

via HTTP

SNMP control and monitoring.



Alarm Relay:

9 pin D-SUB. Support for two relays,

one of which is configurable.

Maintenance Port:

USB version 1.1



Physical and Power

Input Voltage:

100-240V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Input Voltage Option:

-48V DC


1 RU, ½-width 19’’

210 x 300 x 44.5mm (WxDxH)

Two units in 19’’ 1 RU rack


19’’ rack mounting kit supplied



Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature:

0°C - +50°C

Storage Temperature:

-20°C - +70°C

Relative Humidity:

5% to 95% (non condensing)





73/23/EEC (Low voltage equipment)

89/336/EEC (Electromagnetic compatibility)


Designed for CSA approva


IEC60950 and EN60950


EN55022, EN55024, EN6100-3-2




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Product details

Category: Processing & Multiplexing

Manufacturer: T-VIPS

Product code (SKU): CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway

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