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CP505 ATSC Processor

SKU: CP505 ATSC Processor

CP505 ATSC Processor


Product Description

The CP505 ATSC Processor offers flexible ASI, SMPTE310 and IP network adaptation and advanced Transport Stream processing in a userfriendly and compact solution.

The CP505 is part of T-VIPS’ cProcessor toolbox which makes TS processing simple and delivers flexible, cost-effective interfacing to broadcast and IP-based networks. Although primarily targeted for ATSC operations the CP505 also supports DVB Transport Streams.

There are many network interface standards and there is always a need to adapt from one standard to another. In addition to providing a suitable range of interfaces, the CP505 will also meet the needs of network operators, broadcasters and service providers who require additional TS processing functionality that is easy to use and configure.

The CP505 is offered in two versions: Basic version - targeting general network adaptation applications and Advanced version - offering additional TS processing functionality.  Standard features for both versions are: ASI/SMPTE310, 2xGigE data ports, IP in/out, duplicated outputs, TS monitoring and FEC. The advanced version additionally offers flexible PID and service filtering capabilities, dynamic PSIP generation from PMCP XML file, dynamic PSI/PSIP/SI updates and insertion of PSI/PSIP/SI service information from PSI/PSIP/SI generators and service providers. 



• Network adaptation and interface conversion between IP, ASI, SMPTE 310 and SONET/SDH (optional)

• Output diversity for increased reliability including unicast, multicast and multicast to unicast conversion 

• Dynamic PSIP generation from PMCP XML file from EPG provider

• PSIP rebranding at transmitter sites (regional VCT adaptation)

• PID and service filtering with automatic PSI/PSIP/SI updates

• Insertion of PSI/PSIP/SI service information from PSI/PSIP/SI generators and service providers 

• FEC insertion for improved QoS


Basic Features

• Flexible Transport Stream interfacing

- SMPTE 310M, ASI and IP in/out

- IP multicast and unicast support

- Rate adaptation (add/remove “Null” packets)

- Optional support for Ethernet over SONET OC-3 / SDH STM-1

• Transport Stream Monitoring

- ETR 101 290 Priority 1 monitoring of incoming signals

- Monitoring of TS, service and PID bit-rates

- Overview of PSI/PSIP/SI tables, PIDs and services

- Support for both ATSC and DVB Transport Streams

• Transport Stream over IP functionality

- IP wrapping of Transport Streams using SMPTE 2022-2

- Forward Error Correction according to SMPTE 2022-1

- Support for multiple VLANs (IEEE 802.1Q)

- IP QoS and VLAN CoS/802.1P for per-flow traffic prioritization

• Automatic input switching on loss of signal or critical alarm

• User-friendly configuration and control

- WEB/XML based remote control

- SNMP agent for easy integration with NMS systems

- Integrated with T-VIPS Connect


Advanced Features

• Powerful PSI/PSIP/SI handling

- Dynamic PSIP generation from ATSC PMCP XML (A/76B) file

- PSI/PSIP/SI regeneration, download and playout

- PSIP rebranding (overriding existing VCT configuration)

- Add new components and service descriptors with built-in editor

• Flexible transport stream processing

- PID and service filtering with automatic PSI/PSIP/SI updates

- PID and service ID remapping

- Insert unsignalled PID (“Ghost PID”) in outgoing services




Transport Stream Interfaces


1 TS (SMPTE 310/ASI or IP)

Select between two SMPTE 310/ASI

inputs using input switching


1 TS carried on:

Up to 4 × SMPTE 310/ASI  ports

Up to 8 × TS over IP/Ethernet

TS encapsulation:

SMPTE 2022-2

Forward Error Correction (FEC):

SMPTE 2022-1


Transport Stream Processing


PID and service filtering

PSIP/PSI/SI handling:

Automatic table regeneration

PSIP/PSI/SI download and playout

Dynamic PSIP from PMCP file (A/76B)

Create PSIP with built-in PSI/PSIP editor

VCT override:

Short channel name, TSID, Source ID,

major- and minor channel num.

TS Monitoring:

ETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1

TS mode:



SMPTE 310M Port


SMPTE 310M-2004


Female BNC

Packet length:

188 bytes

Data rate:

19.39265 Mbit/s, ±2.8 ppm


ASI Port


DVB ASI (EN 50083-9, Annex B)


Female BNC


Burst and spread

Packet length:

188 or 204 bytes

Data rate:

0.1 - 213 Mbit/s

Ethernet Data Port


2 × 100/1000Base-T Ethernet

1 × 1000Base-T Ethernet 


2 × RJ-45

1 × SFP (option)


IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, VLAN (802.1Q)



Control and Management


10/100 Base-T Ethernet




Element control through HTTP/WEB

XML Configuration import and export

via HTTP

SNMP agent for integration with

Network Management System (NMS)



Alarm Relay:

9 pin D-SUB. Two relays supported; one

at configurable alarm level.

Maintenance Port:

USB version 1.1



Physical and Power

Input Voltage:

100-240V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Input Voltage Option:

-48V DC


1RU, ½-width 19’’

(WxDxH) 210 x 300 x 44.5mm


19’’ rack mounting kit supplied

Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature:

0°C - +50°C

Storage Temperature:

-20°C - +70°C

Relative Humidity:

5% to 95%

(non condensing)




73/23/EEC (Low voltage equipment)

89/336/EEC (Electromagnetic compatibility)


Designed for CSA approval


IEC60950 and EN60950


EN55022, EN55024, EN6100-3-2




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Product details

Category: Processing & Multiplexing

Manufacturer: T-VIPS

Product code (SKU): CP505 ATSC Processor

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