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SKU: Coax Clarifier

Product Description:

Dark unpowered coax systems give no clue as to their design, condition or configuration. The new Coax Clarifier™ by T3 Innovation makes it simple and easy to discern the layout of a coax network, locate faults on individual cable runs, identify remotes through splitters, and determine cable run lengths. In addition, separate wiremapping sets allows a technician to map out the entire coax system and measure the quality and characterization of the overall network for carrying services, such as  high grade video, surveillance data and HD programming.


•  Fast testing using multiple wiremapping remotes

•  Quickly discover coax system layout configuration to save time

•  All testing in one unit: Discovery, Quality and Condition

•  Clear concise measurement display for easy understanding of the capability of each run




Test, map, display, and qualify coax run quality

• Identifies cable faults

• Displays cable run quality

• Detects Coax RF Remotes through splitters

• Locates splitters in the system

• Tests and grades splitter performance

• Measures cable length up to 1,500 feet

• Wiremaps up to 12 coax locations


Testing Modes

Coax Run Mapping

Maps runs through splitters to show an accurate picture of the coax system layout using up to 4 Coax RF Remotes. Up to 12 ID Only Coax Remotes are also available for wiremapping on home runs.

Cable Length

Determines cable run length and reports the location of an open or unterminated cable.

Quality of Network

Measures overall network quality and clearly depicts network reading as both a bar graph and a digital return loss number, measured in dB.   

Tone Tracing

Traces coax runs with four unique tones to quickly distinguish between respective outlets.



Physical Dimensions

Size:            17.3 x 8.0 x 3.3 cm (6.8 x 3.15 x 1.3 inches)
Weight:        340 grams (12.0 oz.) With batter


4 AA alkaline batteries
•  Standy: 4 years
•  Active: 20 hours average

Operating Environment 

•  Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) 
•  Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F) 
•  Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing 
•  Altitude:  3,050 meters (10,000ft) maximum

Quality (Return Loss)

0.0 to 60.0 dB

ID Only Coax Remotes

100 ohms maximum DC resistance, center conductor plus shield

Coax RF Remotes

17dB maximum attenuation to remote location (splitters, cable, etc.)

Audio Frequency Tone

•  1,000 and 600 Hz – 4 patterns (High only, Low only, 2 warble tones)
•  3.3Vp-p (pin or shield), 6.6Vp-p (both pin and shield) open circuit 

Radio Frequency Tone

10, 20, 30 or 40MHz, 1Vrms into 75 ohms

Battery Low Level

Approximately 4 volts

Capacitance Length

•  Range – 0 to 1,500 ft (457 meters) min at 15pF/ft length constant
•  Accuracy – ±5% ±1ft (0.5 m) with correct length constant
• Length Constant Range – 10.0 to 40.0 pF/ft (33 to 131pF/meter)


Complies with Conformité Européenne directives.


Different Models:




Coax Clarifier Main unit with 2 Coax RF Remotes, Nos. 1-4 ID-Only Remotes,

and T3 Hanging Pouch


Coax Clarifier Main unit with 4 Coax RF Remotes, 1-4 ID-Only Remotes,

and T3 Hanging Pouch


Coax Clarifier Main unit with 4 Coax RF Remotes, 12 ID-Only Remotes,

and T3 Hanging Pouch


Coax Clarifier Main unit with 4 Coax RF Remotes, 12 ID-Only Remotes,

Tone Probe and T3 Zipped Compartmentalized Pouch


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Monday-Friday, 08:00-17:00


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Product code - SKU: Coax Clarifier

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