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 Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator images

  • Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator images
  • Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator images
  • Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator images
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Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator

SKU: Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator

Technical Data

  • Frequency range: 35 MHz bis 4,4 GHz
  • Up to +17dBm output power (male SMA-connector)
  • Smallest power level: -50dBm
  • Up to 67dB dynamic range
  • Frequency accuracy: 1Hz (<600MHz) and 20Hz (> 600MHz)
  • Modulations: AM, FM, PM
  • Onboard TCXO for very high frequency accuracy
  • Can be connected to external reference clock for even higher accuracy (female SMA-connector)
  • Onboard CPU and memory for intelligent self-running profiles
  • Stand alone operation (no PC or USB connection required)
  • Battery operation up to 4h
  • USB connector for realtime PC control or for storing programs
  • Incl. 12V power supply for continuous operation
  • Can be operated from 12V Car and Truck power system
  • Very small form factor, 80x50x30mm only
  • Very lightweight, only 150gr incl. battery

Application Examples

Applications include:

Attenuation tests, EMC - radiated immunity pre-compliance testing, Generating modulations (AM, FM, PM) wireless communications systems, microwave point to point backhaul radios, Software Defined Radio (SDR), radar, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), sweeping and hopping, Scalar Network Analyzers (SNA), complex waveform electronic warfare (EW), Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesizer Design, Local Oscillator (LO) replacement, hobbyist radio development and many more...

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Product details

Category: Signal Generators

Product code - SKU: Citek BSG 4 Portable Signal Generator

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