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 CI-1100 Fiber Optic Connector Inspector (LCD Version) images


CI-1100 Fiber Optic Connector Inspector (LCD Version)

SKU: CI-1100

Product Features: 

• Ergonomic design

• Fast, easy focus

• One hand operation

• Inspect patchcords (male) and in-adapter connectors (female)

• Foldable monitor set with adjustable viewing angle

• Portable set with a charger and rechargeable batteries

• Change tips in seconds

 Comprehensive line of tips for both PC and APC type connectors, including extended tips in three lengths, 60° and 90° angled tips for applications with tight access, and tips for ribbon connectors

• Uses our Series 2 inspection tips, and can also use all our CI-1000 tips with an optional adapter.

• USB option

• "Hot" fiber viewing option

• CE approved, RoHS compliant




400x (w/ 9" monitor)
(Lower magnification optional)

Field of View

~ 425µm x 320µm (standard)
~ 640µm x 480µm (lower magnification option)


0.5µm detectable


Manual adjustment, 2mm max travel

Light source

Blue LED


35mm (ø) x 175mm (L) (without cap)





LCD monitor

3.5" TFT-LCD; 
Adjustable brightness and contrast


105mm x 90mm x 45mm (when closed)


255g (without battery)

Power supply

9.6V battery pack or AC power supply

Battery life

4 hours

Charger/AC adapter

Battery charger/adapter (US plugs)

Operating temperature

0°C to 50°C

Storage temperature

-20°C to 70°C


Package Contents


(1) CI-1100 Inspection probe



(1) Tip for SC and FC PC type female connectors



(1) Tip for LC PC type female connectors


CI-1100 LCD Package:

(1) Universal tip for 2.5mm PC male connectors



(1) Universal tip for 1.25mm PC male connectors



(1) Carrying case (1) CI-1100 LCD monitor with battery pack



(1) Battery charger/adapter (US plugs)


Key Options

ConnectorView Plus software

Pass/Fail analytical and reporting software for a Windows® PC

"Hot" fiber filter

Inspect live fiber connectors. Useable to at least 20dBm. (Higher power would not damage the unit, but may not provide useful images.)

Tip adapter

Use any CI-1000 tip with the CI-1100



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Product details

Category: Optical Inspectors

Product code - SKU: CI-1100

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