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Capacitive Load Bank

SKU: Capacitive Load Bank 50869020

Educational Motors & Machines


Product Description:

Voltage utilized in industry are of either Resisitive, Inductive or Capacitive types these provide various types of power factor and the power system behaves accordingly.Capacitive load banks are used to provide leading power factor in anypower system, normally all industrial units have lagging power factor & hence utilize capacitive load banks for getting leading power factor which compensates with the lagging power factor & makes the power system work near unity, this reduces the reactive power of the system improving the overall efficiency Capacitors are arranged in various combinations in each phase to provide balanced capacitance per phase. This Model is the Industrial/Educational model suitable for demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Changeof capacitance in steps, Study of Efficiency & Maintenance of these Loads packaged in small rating.Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided.



• Power ratings available : 1KW / 2KW / 5 KW / 10KW

• Voltage Primary : 440V AC 3Phase/ 220V AC Single phase

• Enclosed in cabinet with Steps provided for loading, meters provided for each phase & terminations brought out on Banana terminals 


List of Experiments:

• Calculation of total capacitance

• Effect of capacitance on power system

• Capacitive load provided for Alternators & Generators

• Efficiency evaluation

• Study of losses

• Basic Overhauling Know how




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Product details

Category: Educational Motors & Machines

Brand: Tesca

Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Marketer of Test, Measuring & Educational / Vocational / Didactic Technical Training Equipment. Tesca offers quality products in varied fields providing the complete package to the customers in user friendly & IT savvy manner. We are...

Product code (SKU): Capacitive Load Bank 50869020

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