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  • C.A 8335 images
  • C.A 8335 images
  • C.A 8335 images
  • C.A 8335 images

C.A 8335

SKU: C.A 8335:PO1160577


  • Real-time display of waveforms, harmonics, power and recordings

  • Trend recording on several hundred different parameters over a period of weeks

  • Storage of thousands of Alarm events

  • Capture of transients lasting as little as a few µs

  • Load Inrush capture


The Qualistar+ electrical network power and quality analyser can be used for quick testing of your electrical network and effective analysis of the results. As well as a few minor improvements, version V4 of the Qualistar+ includes several major new functions:

  • Inrush 10 min: the instrument stores a 10-minute Inrush recording for all the voltages, the current and the frequency.

  • Recording of Peakvalues: the Peak + and - values are now recorded.

  • Night mode: a display mode with a black screen background for greater user comfort. Users can choose the type of display to suit their preferences.

Specially designed to save time!

Ideal for the needs of inspection and maintenance departments, the Qualistar models are designed for quick verification of network quality and simple processing of the results. The keyboard is divided into immediately-identifiable areas (direct functions, Pop-up menus, cursor, etc.) and the wide colour screen (diagonal 148 mm) uses the same pictograms as the keyboard. The display modes are structured. These direct-access functions help save extra time. The Qualistar models are handheld instruments but can also be set up on their fold-away stand, which can prove useful for recording campaigns lasting a long time. In addition, the Qualistar+ includes colour-coded rings to fix to each end of the measurement leads so that the connections are easy to identify. And more than 25 languages are already available.

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Product details

Category: Power Monitoring

Manufacturer: CHAUVIN ARNOUX

Product code - SKU: C.A 8335:PO1160577

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