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 C.A 6500-Paperless Data Recorders images


C.A 6500-Paperless Data Recorders

: C.A 6500-Paperless

Product Description

Pyrocontrole is strengthening its offering of video recorders with its new-generation PYROtracer C.A 6500 with touch screens.
This new range of three paperless recorders  (C.A 6510, C.A 6520, C.A 6530) benefits from the very latest technological developments:

  • Faster recording rate
  • Improved data security
  • Customized configuration
  • Intuitive operation
  • Multiple recording channels
  • Access to the data on site and/or remotely

All these advantages help to optimize your results in the field!

Secure data logging on up to 144 channels

These three recorders, from the standard model standard to the most powerful, cover every requirement, whatever the budget.
Depending on the model, the recording capabilities may extend up to 144 channels with an acquisition interval of 100 ms per channel, ideal even for the most demanding applications.
Customizable graphic recorders

For fully-intuitive handling, these recorders are configurable and therefore adaptable to match each customer's industrial environment.
With the Panel STUDIO software, users can create their own applications. The screens customized in this way allow you to monitor all or part of the installation on the recorder.
Master communication

Configurable as simple stand-alone units for unique data acquisition applications, these C.A 6500 recorders can also be set up in Master communication mode for supervising an entire installation. This configuration enables users to take full advantage of the recorder's performance features (secure data storage, supervision on a touch screen, remote viewing of the data, etc.).
Compact design

Particularly compact with a depth of just 170 mm, the C.A 6500 models are easy to flush-mount in a cabinet.
Depending on the applications, a portable version with a handle is also available which is easy to carry around, both in workshops and on outdoor sites.


Easy-to-read, intuitive interface
> LED touch screen which can be customized for optimum display and easy reading
Multiple possibilities
> 3 to144 recording channels
Secure & fast
> Secure data
> 100 ms acquisition interval per channel
> Multilingual: 19 languages
Open and communicating
> Ethernet as a standard feature
> Modbus master, web server
Advanced functions
> Pulse-counting input
> Math & Logic functions
> Batch management
> FDA 21 CFR part11
> Customizable screens
> Multilingual, 19 languages
Compact, rugged design
> IP65 and reduced depth of casing

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Product details

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Product code - SKU: C.A 6500-Paperless

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