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 C.A 1886 RayCAm images

  • C.A 1886 RayCAm images
  • C.A 1886 RayCAm images
  • C.A 1886 RayCAm images
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C.A 1886 RayCAm

SKU: C.A 1886 RayCAm: P01651260


With its top-of-the-range performance, this camera is ideal for everthing from first-level tests through to expert thermographic diagnostics.

  1. Detector: 160 x 120
  1. Thermal sensitivity: 0.08 °C at 30 °C
  1. Measurement range: - 20 °C to + 600 °C (1,000 °C or 1,500 °C available as an option)
  1. MixVision mode to view the IR image, the real image and the overlay of the IR image on the real image
  1. 4 cursors: 3 manual cursors, 1 automatic cursor.
  1. Temperature profile, Min./Max./Avg. on area, isotherm, temperature differential.
  1. Influencing quantities: emissivity (possibility of assigning different emissivities according to the analytical tools used), environmental temperature, distance, relative humidity
  1. Storage of 1,000 radiometric images on MiniSD card
  1. 3.5-inch multi-directional screen
  1. Protection: IP 54
  1. Video output for use on video projector
  1. Torch and laser pointer
  1. Delivered in hard case with RayCAm Report software as standard (analysis and reports)
  1. Additional lenses (please contact us)

*Higher temperature options available/other options also available

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Product details

Category: Thermal/Infrared Camera's

Product code (SKU): C.A 1886 RayCAm: P01651260

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