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 C.A 1882 DiaCAm images

  • C.A 1882 DiaCAm images
  • C.A 1882 DiaCAm images
  • C.A 1882 DiaCAm images
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C.A 1882 DiaCAm

SKU: C.A 1882 DiaCAm


With its 160 x 120 detector and 0.08°C sensitivity, this camera is particularly ergonomic and simple to use, offering easy access to the analysis functions (manual cursor, automatic detection of hot/cold spots on adjustable area). Its support with tripod insert and its 38° x 28° wide-angle lens allowing users to expand the field of analysis without increasing the distance from the object make this camera an ideal tool for building inspections. 

  1. Detector: 160 x 120
  1. Thermal sensitivity: 0.08 °C at 30 °C
  1. Temperature range: - 20 °C to + 250 °C
  1. Wide-angle lens: 38° x 28°
  1. MixVision mode for viewing the IR image, the real image and an overlay of the IR image on the real image
  1. Storage of 1,000 radiometric images on SD card
  1. 3-inch multi-directional screen
  1. Protection: IP 54
  2. Video output for use on video projector
  3. RayCAm Report software as standard (analysis and reports)

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Product details

Category: Thermal/Infrared Camera's

Manufacturer: CHAUVIN ARNOUX

Product code (SKU): C.A 1882 DiaCAm

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