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Bluescope BL6800B

SKU: Bluescope BL6800B

Bluescope BL6800B

Handheld multi‐functional, multi‐technology test platform for  Ethernet, IP, Sonet/SDH/PDH, OTN & Fibre‐channel


Key Features and Benefits 

• Unmatchable market performance

    - Test up to 32‐Mulistreams each with customizable traffic profiles.

    - Powerful Packet Flooding. Flood nearly any field of a packet including MAC, VLAN, MPLS with Layer 3 & 4payload options.

    - Dual port Packet Capture and Analysis utilizing WireShark engine

    - The most compact OTN tester on the market. Supports OTU‐1/2/1E/2E/1F/2F

    - Unparalleled physical layer testing on all optical transport methods and line rates.  

• Software license controlled features for upgrades or maintaining test standards as they are defined, then certified.

    - Instant (DIY) remote/field upgradable; via a software only license key.

    - Never lose a test capability/feature due to lost, forgotten, or damaged hardware modules.

• Linux Operating System

    - Less susceptibility to viruses and malware. Known in the IT industry for being more stable than alternatives.Linux the OS choice for hand held testers and utilized in the Bluescope!


BlueScope Highlights 

• Handheld test set hardware platform that supports both 1/10 GbE Ethernet, SONET/SDH/PDH, Fiber Channel, OTN, VOIP,IPTV, WLAN.

• Rapid Boot‐up 

• Eight Hours battery stand by time and approximate four hours of battery test time.

• Remote control through VNC and a CLI.

• Dual port operation enables performing two tests simultaneously

• Bluetooth support to easily offload test results or transfer test configurations.

• Customizable platform. Avoids technology obsolescence. Choose your ports, line rates and testing options you requirenow. Then invest in what you require.  Bluescope is upgradeable for your future testing by you and can be fullyconfigured by you, whenever your test requirements, testing demands, financial position changes.  Just add ports,features, and software options etc. in the future.  Truly “pay as you grow” handheld test platform.


Ethernet and IP

BlueScope Ethernet Standard Features:

• Throughput Test (Single Stream)   

• Packet Filtering

• IP Tools (Ping, DHCP, Trace Route)

• In‐Service Traffic Monitoring (Non‐Intrusive Mode)

• MPLS (stacking up to 3 MPLSs)

• VLAN, Q‐in‐Q (up to 3 VLANs)

• Cable Diagnostics

• Remote Control via VNC

• Report Generation (PDF, CSV and TXT)


BlueScope Ethernet SW Options:

• (ET‐1)Single 1GB port 

  (ET‐2)Dual 1GB port

  (ET‐3)Single 10GB port

  (ET‐4)Dual 1GB & Single 10GB port

• (ET‐5) Loopback Mode (L1‐L4, auto, filtered)

• (ET‐6)Throughput multi‐streams (4 streams)

• (ET‐7)RFC2544 (Network Equipment Benchmarking Test)

• (ET‐8)Packet Capture and Decode via WireShark

• (ET‐9) Throughput 32 multi‐streams

• (ET‐10)Packet Flooding – Mac/VLAN/IP/User Defined Field

• (ET‐11) L1/Unframed BERT (Cable BERT‐RJ45, UnframedBERT‐SFP Optic)

• (ET‐12) Network Discovery

• (ET‐13) 100 FX/LX (Optic)


BlueScope Ethernet SW Options:

• (ET‐14) Y.1564(EtherSAM)

• (ET‐15) PBB/PBB‐TE(MAC‐in‐MAC)

• (ET‐16) SyncE/1588

• (ET‐17) IPV6

• (ET‐18)EtherOAM Y.1731 (available early 2013)

• (ET‐19)Asymmetric Testing (available early 2013)

• (ET‐20)One‐Way Delay Measurement using 1588 or GPS(available early 2013)

• (ET‐21)Web Browser and HTTP Testing

• (ET‐22)CLI Interface

• (WA‐1) 10GbE WAN PHY

• (WA‐2)WLAN  802.11 a/b/g testing

• (PT‐1) IPTV Quality Metrics

• (PT‐2) IPTV Decode (available early 2013)

• (VO‐1) VoIP Quality Metrics

• (VO‐2) VoIP Signaling and Vocoding (available early 2013)


Ethernet IP Testing Lifecycle


• RFC2544, including frame delay variation, asymmetric rates, and concurrent results to reduce overall test time.

• Y.1564 EtherSAM automated SLA validation including bandwidth profiles and KPI compliance for quickly verifying multiple services.

• Carrier Ethernet testing with PBB, MPLS, MPLS‐TP, VLAN and Q‐in‐Q



• Line rate packet capture up to 10Gbps.

• Packet decodes with integrated WireShark.


Carrier Ethernet Installation Testing

For years Ethernet/IP has been transported throughout carrier networks encapsulated in other data‐link layer technologies thatevolved into a carrier‐grade technology because of operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) standards such as ITU‐Ty.1731, IEEE 802.1ag, and 802.3ah. Ethernet now possesses many of the characteristics that made SONET/SDH the transporttechnology of choice; end‐to‐end circuit transparency, redundancy, and full‐featured OAM for circuit‐based performancemanagement and alarming. The BlueScope delivers a much‐needed tool set for provisioning and troubleshooting Ethernet networksthat substantially improves installation and troubleshooting times, thereby granting error‐free operation and a significant reductionin operating expense.


RFC2544 Testing

The BlueScope delivers all the Carrier Ethernet testing needed to qualify Ethernet‐based transport networks. RFC2544 is the defactoindustry standard for Ethernet circuit installation. In addition to supporting Ethernet throughput or committed information rate (CIR),frame delay (FD) or latency, frame loss (FLR), and back‐to‐back burst testing as called out in the RFC, the BlueScope also tests forpacket jitter or frame delay variation (FDV) to ensure the circuit is ready to transport time‐sensitive services such as IPTV and VoIP.Using a pair of test sets and Asymmetric RFC testing, users can validate Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) with different upstream anddownstream CIRs, or they can test sequentially in both directions to ensure that key performance indicators (KPIs) are met acrossany connection type.


ITU‐T Y.1564 EtherSAM Service Activation Testing

Y.1564 EtherSAM allows for fast and easy verification of SLAs for differentiated services including validation of different bandwidthprofiles like committed information rate (CIR), extended information rate (EIR) and maximum bandwidth. Pass / Fail results for KPIsincluding CIR, frame delay (FD), frame delay variation (FDV or packet jitter) and frame loss rate (FLR) are provided independently forup to 16 services. Out of sequence frames and available seconds are reported per Y.1564.


Verifying CoS with Multiple Streams

Multi‐stream testing generates several streams of traffic at the Ethernet, IP, and TCP/UDP layers (Layers 2‐4) to emulate varioustypes of traffic with the appropriate CoS mappings so that users can assess the impact of traffic prioritization on the overall networkarchitecture while confirming proper network element queuing, policing, and shaping. Up to 32 individually configured streamsenable generation and analysis of per stream key parameters such as VLAN ID and priority, TOS/DSCP marking, packet size,source/destination IP and MAC address, and source/destination TCP/UDP ports. Users can configure constant or ramp traffic tosimulate near real‐world traffic before actually delivering a service. This level of testing confirms the network design as well asdrastically reduces post‐installation troubleshooting.  


BER and Latency Testing

The BlueScope supports optical Layer 1 (L1) BER testing for stress testing the underlying physical transport link. A standard 2^23pattern is used to obtain key QoS measurements including bit error rates, pattern sync, latency, line coding, and signal/power levels.


Ethernet OAM, VLAN, Q‐inQ, MPLS and PBB Tunneling Technologies

Ethernet tagging and encapsulation is commonly used to improve the scalability of Ethernet networks by isolating customer trafficand, in the case of provider backbone bridging (PBB), minimizing the number of MAC addresses that equipment must learn.Regardless of the encapsulation and tagging used, the BlueScope tests CoS to confirm KPIs such as CIR, FD, FDV, and FLR. Support forvirtual local area network (VLAN) tags, Q‐in‐Q VLAN tags, PBB (also known as MAC‐in‐MAC) and multi‐protocol label switching(MPLS), the BlueScope allows testing at any part of the Metro network.


Ethernet Timing Synchronization Verification using 1588v2 PTP and G.826x SyncE

Critical network timing and frequency synchronization testing enables service providers to analyze emerging 1588v2 PTP andSynchronous Ethernet (SyncE) protocols greatly reducing expenses for mobile backhaul and LTE by eliminating the need forTDM/GPS. Wireless backhaul providers can now verify whether Ethernet links can transfer PTP protocols by connecting to a PTPmaster and measuring critical packet parameters such as PDV with simultaneous network traffic loading. SyncE testing recovers thetiming of an incoming Ethernet interface for the tester’s transmitter. Capturing and decoding the 1588v2 PTP and EthernetSynchronization Messaging Channel (ESMC) messages allows operators to verify and troubleshoot proper configuration andoperation of synchronization networks.


Carrier Ethernet Fault Isolation

In the ever‐changing Ethernet and IP world providers must quickly, cost‐efficiently, and reliably troubleshoot problems at all layersof the stack. The BlueScope provides powerful line‐rate packet capture at Ethernet speeds up to 1GigE without dropping a singlepacket. When troubleshooting problems occur intermittently or inconsistently, it supports multiple traffic filters and triggers,including 16‐byte pattern identification, to isolate the exact problem and minimize the amount of information gathered.


The BlueScope natively supports WireShark for on‐instrument packet decode. Additionally, users can save the captured traffic in astandard pcap file format and export it via USB or FTP through the management port for further analysis.  



The BlueScope 6800B performs BER testing on all line interfaces in end‐to‐end or loopback applications, inserts errors and alarms toverify NE conformance and connectivity, and measures BERs from DS1 (1.5M)/E1 (2.048M) rates to OC‐192/STM‐64.  



SONET/SDH mappings include all intermediate mappings down to VC‐4/VC‐3 in addition to BERT payload with multiple PRBS choices.


SONET/SDH/PDH Overhead Byte Manipulation and Analysis

Using the overhead byte manipulation and analysis capability, users can modify K1 and K2 bytes to test automatic protectionswitching (APS) to specify and identify user‐configurable path trace messages and payloads. The path overhead (POH) capturefeature facilitates troubleshooting end‐to‐end problems. The Bluescope 6800B supports manual capture, capture on alarm, andcapture based on user‐defined triggers 


Physical Layer Testing

Perform physical layer testing to verify dark fiber and line continuity across all optical transport methods and line rates. Support forunframed STM‐1/4/16/64, Fiber Channel 1x/2x/4x/10x, OTN OTU‐1/2/1E/2E/1F/2F, 1.250G(1GE), 10.313(10GE) and 3.1G (CPRI).


Service Disruption measurements

The Bluescope 6800B measures the protection switch times of SONET/SDH rings and their effects on tributaries. By measuringvarious error and alarm conditions on the tributaries, providers can verify that their transport network is providing adequateredundancy to guarantee SLAs.


Multi‐Channel View

Drill down to view the path hierarchy in its entirety on one screen with automatic detection of payload type (concatenated or non‐concatenated) for SONET ( 48x STS‐1 and 28x VT 2/1.5) and SDH (48x AU‐3 and 28x TU12/TU11).


Line Through Mode

Connecting the test unit in‐line provides not only monitoring capabilities but also the possibility of injecting errors. This provides foran effective tool in serice‐disruption testing.


SDH/PDH Alarm/Error Generation

Generate Alarms for:


Generate Errors for:



BlueScope SONET/SDH Options:

• (SO‐1) OC‐3/12/48 (STM 1/4/16)

  (SO‐2)OC‐192 (STM‐64) 

  (SO‐3)OC‐3/12/48/192 (STM 1/4/16/64)

• (SO‐4) Unframed Line Rate (Requires SO‐1,2 or 3)

• (SO‐5)Multi‐Channel View (Requires SO‐1, 2 or 3)

• (SO‐6)Signal Delay emulator (injection of signal delay inunframed line rates; Requires SO‐4)


BlueScope PDH Options:

• (PD‐1)E1/T1 (DS1)

  (PD‐2)E3/T3 (DS3)

  (PD‐3)E1/T1, E3/T3

• (STM‐1e/E4) STM1E‐SFPxx 155Mbps Copper Transceivercompatible with 155 Mbit/s electrical interfaces.


OTN is the next generation network designed to combine and accelerate the benefits of SDH/SONET with the bandwidthexpandability of DWDM (Dense wavelength division multiplexing).Test end‐to‐end connectivity by transmitting and receiving OTNsignals with the ability to insert and analyze errors and alarms in network troubleshooting and equipment verification applications.


TCM with Error/Alarm detection

Verify network element interoperability with the TCM bytes; Count, current rate and average rate for each error, SDT (Servicedisruption Time) measurements and RTD (Round Trip Delay)measurements. Verify OTN alarms and errors with injection capabilitiessuch as loss of frame (LOF), alarm indication signal (AIS), and backward defect indication (BDI).


FEC Testing

Transmit and analyze correctable and uncorrectable FEC errors to verify a network element’s ability to correct conditions throughthe use of FEC enabled signals. Correctable and uncorrectable FEC error positions are accumulated and monitored through agraphical hierarchy window which allows users to easily recognize the position of the FEC error.


Features programmable FEC error generation functions that allows the user to define a detailed position for correctable FEC errorsand un‐correctable FEC errors.


Line Through Mode

Connecting the test unit in‐line provides not only monitoring capabilities but also the possibility of injecting errors. This provides foran effective tool in service‐disruption testing.


BlueScope OTN Options:

• (OT‐1)OTU‐1 (2.66G/STM‐16)Requires SO‐1

• (OT‐2)OTU‐2 (10.7G/STM‐64)Requires SO‐2

• (OT‐3)OTU‐3 (2.66G & 10.7G / STM‐16 & STM‐64) Requires SO‐3

• (OT‐4)OTU‐4 (10G Ethernet over OTU‐2 [OUT‐1e/2e] available early 2013)


Fibre Channel

The BlueScope B6800B tests 1x, 2x, 4x and 10x Gbps Fibre Channel (FC). Users can manipulate various fields of the FC frames toemulate end customer traffic and perform BER measurements on L1 and L2 circuits. The BlueScope supports buffer creditingcapability, which lets providers verify the effect of delay on the link throughput and test the ability of the link to obtain the optimumbuffer credit values. The BlueScope also allows users to turn up storage area networks (SANs), producing reliable throughput, packetloss, RTD, and burstability results with consistent test methodology.  


BlueScope Fiber Channel Options

  (FC‐1) Fiber Channel 1x/2x

• (FC‐2) Fiber Channel 4x

• (FC‐3)Fiber Channel 1x/2x/4x

• (FC‐4)Fiber Channel 10x (Available early 2013)

• (FC‐5)Fiber Channel 1x/2x/4x/10x (10x Available early 2013)


Hardware Specifications:

• Ports:

    - (2) SFPs (1000BASE‐SX/LX/ZX, 100‐FX/LX/SX)

    - (2) 10/100/1000Base‐T (RJ45)

    - (1) XFP

    - (1) BNC connectors (Tx/Rx) 34‐45M

    - (1) Bantam(Tx/Rx) : 1.5M ‐ 2M

    - (1) SMA(Tx) : Tx Reference Clock Out

    - (1) SMA: External clock input 1.544 ‐2.048 Mbps /  1.544m, 2.048 m, 10M / Any clock speed

    - (1) GPS Signal input

    - (1) HDMI output

    - (1) 3.5mm headset audio jack and mic support.


     - Size: 172.5  (W) x 227  (H) x 58.5 (D) mm

     - Weight: 1.3 kg with Battery, Battery (0.3 kg)

• Operating Temp:  0°C~40°C

• Storage Temp:  ‐20°C~ +70°C

• Display:  5.7 Color TFT‐LCD Touch Screen

• User Interface: Touch Screen & Keypad

• Humidity:  10% ~ 90%


    - AC adaptor: 100V~240 V(50Hz/60Hz)

    - Removable/Rechargeable lithium ‐Ion Battery

    - Battery life: 3 hours typical, 8 hour in standby mode

    - Charging time: 1 ~ 2 hours 


    - 16GByte internal Flash memory included




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