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 AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer images


AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer

: AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer

Product Description:

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer is a new generation of products and also an update product based on many years of scientific research and production experience in vector network analyzer. Compared with the former generation, it improves much in measuring speed, dynamic range and measurement stability. In terms of hardware, brand-new technology has upgraded key performance indexes (KPI) of complete machine much better than before; in terms of software, embedded computer system (ECS) with Pentium chip and Windows operating system have greatly improved interconnectivity and easy use of complete machine.AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer with a powerful measuring function: can complete the vector network analysis in such fields as wireless communication, cable television, education and automotive electronics, and can be used for the performance measurement of radio frequency (RF) elements such as filter, amplifier, aerial, cable and cable television tap. It has Windows operating system and error correction and time domain functions; provides many display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave ratio (SWR), phase, group delay, Smith chart and poplar coordinates, etc.; provides many calibrations including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full two-port calibrations; has Windows operating platform and LAN functions and is available in multi-channel display; is provided with several kinds of interfaces including USB interface, LAN net mouth, GPIB interface, standard parallel interface, VGA interface and color LCD. It can quickly and precisely test DUT on the amplitude of S-parameter, phase and group delay with efficient and strong error correction capacity.



• As high as 90ms measuring speed (at sweep points: 201, IF bandwidth: 30 kHz, display update status: ON) will greatly improve the efficiency of production and scientific research.

• 75Ω test port impedance option is available for measuring cable television elements.

• Trace noise of 0.005dB renders the network analyzer a higher measuring accuracy.

• One-button operation can greatly simplify the setup procedures to improve work efficiency.

• Provides as many as 64 independent measurement channels and quickly executes complex test plan.

• With as many as 32 display windows and each window displays 8 traced curves simultaneously.

• With time domain analysis function.

• With LAN, USB, GPIB, standard parallel interface and VGA display interface.

• Various display formats, such as amplitude, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar coordinates and standing-wave ratio (SWR), etc.

• Windows XP operating system.

• 8.4 inch true color high resolution LCD, simultaneous multi-window and multi-channel display.

• With 115dB dynamic range that enables it to make an accurate measurement of high suppression filter.

• Multi-window and multi-channel measurement display

It provides as many as 32 windows and 64 channels (four traces per channel), and can speed up the test procedure without calling the state of instrument for several times and allow observation of all four S-parameters of two-port component simultaneously.

• Automated testing

Automated testing can save considerable time in the process of testing and can also low testing cost by taking advantages of flexible automated environment:

• Finish automated testing by using SCPI command to control vector network analyzer.

• Execute code directly from vector network analyzer or external PC through LAN or GPIB interface. 


• Data store, communications and print

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer contains hard disk of large capacity and is with several communicating functions such as standard parallel interface and USB, etc., so that all kinds of stored testing curves in the analyzer can be stored in various forms or transmitted with computers and can be also directly printed out

• GPIB interface

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer, providing a D-type female GP-IB connector with 24 pins, meets IEEE-488 standard and is used to send and receive GP-IB/SCPI command.

• USB transmission

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer, providing 6 fast USB interfaces, is convenient to connect with keyboard, mouse, printer, electronic calibrator and other peripheral equipment which has USB interface.

• Parallel interface communications

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer, with standard 25-chip parallel communications interface, can conveniently communicate with computers and connect with parallel interface printer through parallel interface communication cable.

• Print function

AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer provides powerful print function and can print the measuring display out or to the designated document through the printer. Without limitations of local or network printers and parallel interface, LAN or USB interface printers, it can realize measurement print just by adding a printer in Windows XP operating system.



Frequency Range

300kHz~ 3GHz

Frequency Resolution


Frequency Accuracy


Port Output Power

-25~ +10dBm

Options: -85~ +10dBm

IF Bandwidth

1Hz ~ 100kHz

System Dynamic Range

IF Bandwidth 10Hz

95dB (0.3~ 10MHz)

                           115dB (10MHz~ 3GHz)

IF Bandwidth 3kHz

                            60dB (0.3~10MHz)

                            90dB (10MHz~3GHz)

Test Port Indexes

Frequency Range



Effective Directivity (dB)



Effective Source Match (dB)



Effective Load Match (dB)



Reflection Track

±0.020 dB

Transmission Track

±0.020 dB

Sweep Speed

90ms (at sweep points: 201, IF bandwidth: 30kHz, display update status: ON)


800×600, 8.4 inches true colour LCD


GPIB, parallel interface, USB interface, LAN interface, VGA display interface


AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%;

AC 110V±10%, 60Hz±5%


(480mm×426mm×222mm) ±5%



Environmental Suitability

Meet the requirements of Article in GJB3947-2000.

Operating temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

Storage temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃



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Product code - SKU: AV36580A Vector Network Analyzer

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