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 ATTEN APS3005DM+ Single Channel DC Power Supply images

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ATTEN APS3005DM+ Single Channel DC Power Supply

SKU: Single Channel DC Power Supply

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Product Description

  • 4 Bits digital display, Precision reaches to 10mV, 1mA.
  • 5 Sets of data storage functions to quickly obtain frequently-used data, easy to use.
  • Adopt digital encoder, have higher precision, better stability and longer life than traditional analog potentiometer
  • With OVP、OCP、OHP functions, OVP/OCP can be set according user’s requirement.


Specifications: Voltage: Current:
Model:APS3005Dm+ Load regulation:<0.3%+5mV Load regulation:<0.2%+3mA
Input voltage:220V±10%,50Hz Line regulation:<0.3%+5mV Line regulation:<0.2%+3mA
Rated output voltage:0~33V Setting resolution:10mV Setting resolution:1mA
Rated output current:0~5.5A Setting accuracy:≤0.5%+5mV Setting accuracy:≤0.2%+3mA
Protection functions:OVP/OCP/OHP Backward read resolution:10mV Backward read resolution:1mA
Operation condition:Temperature 0℃ ~40 ℃ relative humidity< 80% Backward read precision:≤0.2%+2 digits Backward read precision:≤0.2%+2 digits
Storage condition:Temperature -15℃~70 ℃ relative humidity<80% Ripple:10mVrms Ripple:2mArms
Heating-dissipating method:Air cooling
Size: (WxHxD)111x170x250mm

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Product details

Category: Power Supplies

Product code - SKU: Single Channel DC Power Supply

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