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Array 3715A

: Array 3715A

Product Description

ARRAY 3715A programmable electronic load, as a new generation product of ARRAY Electronic Co., Ltd., is designed with high performance. It provides you powerful test function, user-friendly HMI, as well as RS232 interface to support SCPI and Labview. 3715A can be widely used in scientific research and production fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive electronics, solar cell, and fuel cell etc.



 4 basic test functions: CC,CV, CR, and CP;

 16 bits D/A and 12 bits A/D converters incorporated;

 The minimum operating voltage is less than 2V at the load’'s full rated current. The maximum current can
 be achieved even though the input voltage is 0V. This is especially suitable for fuel cell, solar cell and
 other new energy test applications;

 Perfect protection assures high reliability in the most complicated of test environments;
 Powerful sequential test function; with a minimum step time of 50mS; and a maximum step time of 99999S.
 Cycle time can be adjusted between 0-255 and a sequence can be chained to another one to achieve even more
 complex test procedures;
 A high-efficiency, intelligent cooling system can effectively reduce system temperature and enhance power
 Status saving function simplifies test operation;
 The combined use of knob and digital keypad makes the operation more convenient;
 Save/Recall function can save multiple groups of common settings;



Model 3715A
Current 0~30A
Voltage 0~360V
Power 250W at 40oC
Minimum Operation Voltage@ Full Scale Current 2V
Current Range Resolution (Accuracy) 1 mA (0~3A)±0.2%±5mA
10 mA (0-30A)±0.2%±30mA
Voltage Range Resolution(Accuracy) 0~360V
1 mV(0-3.6V)±0.2%±3mV
Resistance Range Resolution (Accuracy) 0~2000Ω
Power Range 0~200W
Resolution @P<100W 1mW
      @P≥100W 10mW
Accuracy 0.2%+600mW
Step Time 500ms~99999s
Resolution 500ms
Accuracy 0.2%+500ms
Step Number 1~50
Cycle 1~255
Store Capacity 4 lists
Protection Features OV, OC,OT, OP,RV
Current(rms/p-p) 3mA/30mA
Voltage(rms) 5mV
Temperature 0~40oC
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Remote Interface RS232
Programming Language SCPI
Voltage AC110V or AC220V±15℅
Frequency 48 to 63Hz
Net Weight 5 kg

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Product details

Category: Electronic Load

Product code - SKU: Array 3715A

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