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SKU: APSIN6010HC-Anapico

Product Description

The APSIN6010 is a low phase noise, extremely fast-switching RF signal generator with µHz frequency resolution, and precisely leveled power range from -120 to +13 dBm. It combines excellent signal quality, high-quality analog modulation and fast switching capabilities. Flexible and simultaneous modulation allows complex signal simulation. The internal OCXO guarantees a high stability time base and can be locked to an external reference in the range of 8 to 200 MHz. The modular design simplifies maintenance and minimizes cost of ownership.

SSB Phase Noise at 4 GHz

Harmonics at Pout = + 10 dBm


  • Only 200 µs frequency switching time
  • Excellent SSB phase noise
  • Comprehensive AM, low-distortion, wideband FM and PM and high speed pulse modulation for testing all types of receivers
  • LAN/USB/GPIB (optional) remote control
  • Input for USB power sensor
  • Powerful trigger and sweeping modes


  • R&D high-quality lab source
  • Education
  • Production test & measurement
  • Automated test systems (ATE)
  • EMC testing


  • B3: internal rechargeable battery operation
  • PE3: extended power range down to -120 dBm (Step Attenuator added)
  • GPIB: IEEE-488.2,1987 programming interface
  • AVIO: Avionics Modulation Capability (VOR/ILS)


Range 9 kHz to 6.1 GHz
Resolution 0.001 Hz
Accuracy 0.1 ppm
Range -30 dBm to > +18 dBm
-120 dBm to > +17 dBm with option PE3
Resolution 0.01 dB
Accuracy < 1 dB
Switching speed 0.4 ms
SSB Phase noise at 1 GHz
at 1 kHz from carrier -120 dBc/Hz
at 20 kHz from carrier -130 dBc/Hz
at 1 MHz from carrier -135 dBc/Hz
Sweeps List, Frequency, Power
Modulation AM, FM, PM, Pulse, Chirp
Remote control Ethernet, USB, GPIB, SCPI

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Product details

Category: Signal Generators

Brand: Anapico

Product code (SKU): APSIN6010HC-Anapico

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