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 Anritsu S810D Site Master (Refurbished) images


Anritsu S810D Site Master (Refurbished)

SKU: Anritsu S810D Site Master South Africa

Anritsu S810D Site Master Broadband Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Product Description

Site Master S810D covering 2 MHz to 10.5 GHz, and S820D covering 2 MHz - 20.0 GHz, are the most accurate, reliable and convenient microwave transmission line and antenna analyzers available for installation, verification, troubleshooting, and repair of microwave communication systems. An "anytime, anywhere" solution designed for the rugged challenges faced by field technicians working with wireless and defense communications systems.

Standard measurement capabilities includes VSWR, return loss, cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF) analysis, using frequency domain reflectometry (FDR) technology. Patented RF interference rejection enables accurate measurements in the presence of high RF activity. Both coaxial and waveguide connections are supported. Handheld Software Tools (HHST) is a free data analysis software utility that enables assessment of system trends, problems, and performance in addition to professional report generation.

Optional capabilities include 2 MHz frequency extension, power monitor, N(f) test port connector, 2-port cable loss, and GPS receiver. The 2 MHz frequency extension offers additional frequency coverage beyond the standard 25 MHz starting frequency. The power monitor is available to make power measurements quickly and easily. The 2-port cable loss employs an external CW source for conducting true 2-port cable loss measurements to 20 GHz. The built-in GPS receiver provides location information that is stamped on each trace and saved with archived data.

Broadband Site Master S810D and S820D utilizes 1-port vector error correction solving the most common and the most difficult accuracy problems of field test equipment operation and thus, improves system quality and reduces maintenance expenses. Difficult test specifications are easy to verify. Vector error correction and a simple, friendly user interface within the S810D and S820D further improves the quality and convenience of measurements compared to traditional scalar techniques. Vector error correction also improves the quality of Distance-To-Fault data. Not only is the reflection magnitude more accurate, the waveguide dispersion correction for fault distance (different frequencies travel at different speeds) is also more accurate and repeatable.

The S810D and S820D include PC based data analysis software, soft carrying case, rechargeable battery, AC/DC power supply, ruggedized adapter k(m) to N(f) Anritsu part number 34RKNF50, 12 V automobile cigarette lighter adapter and users guide.


• Broadest frequency range available in the market:  2 MHz to 20 GHz

• Standard TFT daylight viewable color display

• Real-time measurement speed

• Real-time DTF calculations

• Utilizes Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) Technology

• Only handheld product that supports waveguide

• True 2-port cable loss measurements for long microwave cable applications

• Power monitor offers power measurements in the field

• GPS receiver provides precise location information to overlay on measurements

• Handheld, battery-operated design

• Lightweight at only 5 lbs. (including battery)

• Superior Immunity to RF interference

• Locate long range problems with 517 data points

• Multilingual user interface; English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German

• Saves 21 Measurement Test Set-Ups

• Saves up to 200 Measurement Traces

• Clearly defined user interface for Coaxial cable and Waveguide media

• Pop-up menus for cable list, waveguide list, and compatible flange list

•  Quickly select cable/waveguide type and test parameters without setup error

• Alphanumeric Labeling of Saved Measurements

• Automatic Time and Date Stamp of Saved Data

• Rechargeable, Field Replaceable Battery

• Distance Measurement in Feet and Meters

• 6 Markers, Limit Lines, and Segmented Limit Lines



Defense and Aerospace:  Installation/Maintenance and Fault Detection

• Microwave cables in aircraft

• Microwave cables on board ships

• Microwave antennas

Wireless Microwave Backhaul:  Installation/Maintenance and Fault Detection

• Point-to-point radios

• Microwave antennas

• Microwave cables

Other Facilities Using Microwave Links as a Communication Backbone

• Utility companies:  gas, oil

• Other  government facilities


• 2 MHz Low Frequency Extension (S8X0D/2)

• Power Monitor (S8X0D/5, Detector not included)

• Replaces Standard K(f) Test Port Connector with N(f) (S8X0D/11NF

• 2-port SMA (f) Cable Loss (S8X0D/22SF)

• 2-port N (f) Cable Loss (S8X0D/22NF

• GPS  Receiver (S8X0D/31, includes 2000-1410 GPS Antenna)

Data Sheet

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Product details

Category: Cable and Antenna Analyser

Manufacturer: Anritsu

Product code - SKU: Anritsu S810D Site Master South Africa

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