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 Anritsu S332E Site Master images


Anritsu S332E Site Master

SKU: Anritsu S332E Site Master

Anritsu S332E Site Master Cable & Antenna Analyzer + Spectrum Analyzer 

Product Description

To keep up in today's rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being installed. And as the market continues to expand, you're being required to service more base stations than ever before. This means completing sweeps quickly, performing calibrations instantly, and implementing fast trace naming while in the field.

The S332E Site Master does all this by combining a cable and antenna analyzer with a spectrum analyzer into a single integrated device while delivering the ease of use, rich functionality, and best-in-class price/performance you've come to expect from Anritsu. Designed to handle the most punishing field conditions, the S332E Site Master integrated cable and antenna analyzer and spectrum analyzer dramatically enhances your productivity and transforms the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance model to one that allows you to identify and address minor problems before they become major ones.

Cable and Antenna Analyzer Highlights

  •  Measurements: Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, Distance-To-Fault, Phase
  •  2-port Transmission Measurement: High/Low Power
  •  Sweep Speed: 1 msec/data point, typical
  •  Display: Single or Dual Measurement Touchscreen
  •  Calibration: OSL InstaCal, and FlexCal
  •  Bias Tee: 32 V internal


Spectrum and Interference Analyzer highlights

  •  Measurements: Occupied bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR, C/I, Spectral Emission Mask
  •  Interference Analyzer Spectrogram, Signal Strength, RSSI, Signal ID
  •  Dynamic Range:>95 dB in 10 Hz RBW
  •   DANL:-152 dBm in 10Hz RBW
  •  Phase Noise: -100 dBc/Hz max @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz
  •  Frequency Accuracy: < ±50 ppb with GPS On

In addition, easyTest Tools™ allows experienced users to Create, Deliver, and Display on-screen work instructions for Cable and Antenna testers. These work instructions make life easier for less-experienced cable and antenna sweepers. Direct benefits include more accurate testing, repeatable results, and less rework. For more details see the easyTest Tools page.



• Return Loss, Cable Loss, VSWR, Distance-To-Fault

• Phase, 2-port Transmission Measurements

• Spectrum Analyzer, Interference Analyzer, High Accuracy Power Meter, Channel Scanner, GPS

• Coverage Mapping, Channel Scanner, GPS, AM/FM/PM Analyzer

• Field-proven design: Four-hour battery life, rugged, compact, lightweight, daylight viewable display

• Intuitive menu-driven touch screen user unterface

• USB connectivity, built-in touch screen keyboard



• Cable & Antenna Installation and Maintenance for wireless service providers, contractors, military, aerospace and defense, and public safety applications

• 2-port measurements of Tower Mounted Amplifier, duplexers, filters

• Phase Matching cables

• Antenna Tuning

• Spectrum monitoring

• Transmitter Verification: occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio

• Interference Analysis of cellular sytem, land mobile radio systems

• Signal Strength Mapping

• Field analysis of 2G/3G/4G signals

• Field Strength Measurements






 Variable Voltage Bias Tee


2-port Transmission Measurement


GPS Built-in Receiver (Requires Antenna P/N 2000-1528-R, sold separately)


High Accuracy Power Meter (Requires USB Power Sensor)


Power Meter


Interference Analyzer


 Channel Scanner


Coverage Mapping (requires Option 0031)


CW Signal Generator (Requires CW Signal Generator Kit, P/N 69793)


Gated Sweep


AM/FM/PM Analyzer with Coverage Mapping (Options 31 and 431 are required for utilization of coverage mapping feature)


Ethernet Connectivity


Standard Calibration to Z540


Premium Calibration to Z540 plus test data

Data Sheet

Anritsu S332E Site Master Data Sheet

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Product details

Category: Cable and Antenna Analyser

Manufacturer: Anritsu

Product code - SKU: Anritsu S332E Site Master

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