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 Anritsu MA24106A -USB Power Sensor (Average)-(50 MHz to 6 GHz) images


Anritsu MA24106A -USB Power Sensor (Average)-(50 MHz to 6 GHz)

SKU: Anritsu MA24106A -USB Power Sensor (Average)

Product Description

The MA24106A power sensor is a USB power sensor that eliminates the need of a traditional power meter. It is a highly accurate, standalone instrument that communicates with a PC via USB. The power measurement capability of MA24106A is intended to mimic that of a traditional thermal (thermo-electric) power sensor with a wider dynamic range.

Therefore, it is ideal for measuring average power of CW, modulated RF waveforms such as 3G, 4G, OFDM, and multi-tone signals. It measures true RMS power regardless of the type of the input signal. The presence of a micro-controller along with signal conditioning circuitry, ADC, and power supply in the sensor makes it a complete miniature power meter. The data display, acquisition occurs in the PC. The Anritsu Power Meter application for personal computers running Microsoft Windows™ can be used to control and operate the sensor. It is available standard with the product. The MA24106A is compatible with the MS272xB, MT8222A, MS202xA, MS203xA, and MS271xB instruments.

Presence of signal channel/analog signal acquisition HW and on-board (frequency as well as temperature) corrections eliminates the need for a reference calibration, simplifying the measurement process and reduction of test time in production.

For customers who wish to self-calibrate and who have access to an appropriately equipped calibration laboratory, please see the MA24106A Product Brochure/Technical Data Sheet for more information on our CalXpert™ software utility.



Frequency Range

50 MHz to 6 GHz

Dynamic Range (dBm)

-40 to +23


<1.1 (50 MHz to <2 GHz)
  <1.2 (2 GHz to 6 GHz)

Sensor Linearity


RF Connector

N (m)

The latest firmware required for the instruments are available on the web or via the product update feature in Master Software Tools. The firmware versions that support the existing MA24106A sensors are listed in the table below:


Required Firmware Version


> V1.24

MS2723B, MS2724B

> V1.21


> V1.44

MS2024A, MS2026A

> V1.55

MS2034A, MS2036A

> V1.11


> V1.05

MS2718B, MS2719B

> V1.04

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Product details

Category: Power meters and sensors

Product code - SKU: Anritsu MA24106A -USB Power Sensor (Average)

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