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 Aitelong SAT-AC Battery Conductance Tester images


Aitelong SAT-AC Battery Conductance Tester

SKU: SAT-AC Battery Conductance Tester

Aitelong SAT-AC Battery Conductance Tester

 Product Description

SAT-AC Series battery Conductance Tester is a multi-function and portable digital data storage measurement instrument to test battery running condtion and parameters quickly and precisely. it can display and record many key parameters for multi-groups like as battery string and each battery cell's voltage, conductance, connecting strip resistance, battery's internal resistance and so on; offer the ability to distinguish battery's condition effectively and accurately; compose with intelligent PC measurement analyzing software, user can track battery's decay trend, and alarm beforehand to help technician and administrators process according to status.


Key Features

• High precision online testing, Automatically switch the testing range, large capacity data storage

• 320 x 240 LCD

• Smart and easy-to-use design, one person can conduct all the tests

• Transmit the testing data to PC by Micro SD card to carry out analysis of battery according to the history data.

• Display value of voltage, conductance, internal resistance.

• Enhanced over voltage protection function.

• Automatically recover the over current protection function.

• Use the SOC chip to improve the tester stability.

• Powered by a large capacity Lithium call battery or adapter.

• Low battery warning to guarantee precision testing.

• Automatic testing mode for user's convenience.

• Powerful PC software to manage the data testing:

- Automatically analyze the battery's SOH (State-of-health)

- Building the history record database, describes the battery's life span curve



• Test the battery voltage and conductance online.

• Battery conductance and voltage out of range alarm.

• All the battery parameters are marked by group No. to make the user manage the data expediently.

• PC software analyze the battery to carry out tracking  "historical analysis" of battery system.



Technical Parameter




Conductance Test Range



Voltage Test Range

0.000 ~ 20.0     00V conductance & Voltage only            0.000 ~ 16.000V conductance voltage           

Measurement Precision

Conductance:  ±0.5%rdg     ±6dgt

Voltage:  ±0.2%      ±6dgt

Conductance: ±0.5%rdg   ±dgt

Voltage:  ±0.2%rdg    ±6dgt

Power Supply

10.8V,  2000mAh, Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Watt Consumption

Works for 8 hours Continuously

Storage Capacity

2G Micro SD


320 x 240 matrix dot LCD


210mm x 140mm x 60mm


1.2 Kg

Working Temperature

-500C - -+600C


90% RH

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Product details

Category: Miscellaneous

Manufacturer: Citek

Product code - SKU: SAT-AC Battery Conductance Tester

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