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 AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier images

  • AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier images
  • AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier images
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AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier

SKU: AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier

AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier


• Support to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic; Based on non-destructive technology;

• Indicate the signal direction in fiber;

• Detect a variety of optical tones, 270Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz;

• Suitable for 0.25, 0.9, 2.0, 3.0mm fiber and no need to replace the clamp block, more convenient than others;

• Build in visible fault locator 1mW or 10mW optional

• Battery low indication;

• powered by 2 units of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries;


Main Characteristic


AFI 400

AFI 420S

AFI 420L

Wavelength Range

800 to 1700nm (SM)

Recognisable signal type *

CW, 2kHz, 1kHz, 270Hz ±10%

Detector Type

InGaAs 2pcs

Fiber Type

0.9, 0.25, 2.0, 3.0mm fiber


+10 ~ -50dBm


+10dB to -30 dBm (Continuous Wave)

+10dB to -25 dBm (Modulated Signal)

LED Indicator

Signal direction; signal frequency (2kHz/1kHz/270Hz); low battery

Visual Fault Locator




Storage Temperature

-200C~+600C, <90%RH

Operating Temperature


Power Supply

AA *2


230mm * 45mm *45mm


About 200g

* at 20±30C, indoor, 1550m wavelength, 0.9mm fiber, with white coat, 270Hz, error < 5%

* 0.25, 2.0, 3.0mm fiber, the performance at continuous wave will be lower

* 1KHz, 2KHz, the performance at modulated signal will be lower

* At 1310nm wavelength, the performance will be lower





User's manual


Calibration certification


Carrying bag                             


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Product details

Category: Optical Fiber Identifiers

Manufacturer: TriBrer

Product code (SKU): AFI 400/420 Optical Fiber Identifier

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