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  • Acid Line Suction Sets images
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Acid Line Suction Sets

SKU: Acid Line Suction Sets

Acid Line Suction Sets


Product Description:


The Acid suction set is built to your exact requirements from dimensional and connection perspective. The piping is constructed out of HDPE including the suction filter which has been made to our design. All flanges and bolting are stainless steel material and the in-line non return valve is available in Hypalon or Viton depending on temperature and process.

These units are beneficial for most acid pumping applications as they can be built to suite the specific pumping setup and offer a complete solution towards protecting the pump from solids and dry start up. Due to the fact the leaching dams are exposed to the elements, many foreign objects are introduced to the dams by the weather. These foreign objects can get sucked up and pulled through pumps causing damage to the system. Our all HDPE filter extracts all the foreign bodies over a specified size which reduces wear and tear on the pumps and protects any other sensitive equipment on the downstream of the pump.

Another problem that plagues suction sets in Leaching dam applications is regular failure of the non return valves. These standard configuration units fail due to the fact foreign particles are easily introduced and captured between the flaps and the seats. The trapped particles prevent the valves from sealing and therefore release all the fluid back into the dam. This creates a scenario where the pumps have to start with a dry suction which leads to premature wear, high maintenance cost and production loss. To overcome this issue, we have incorporated a specialist non return valve with all elastomer construction that is able to seal leak tight are reasonably sized solids and with no internal components sitting in the flow path.

These specialist non return units offer many advantages over their regular counterparts.

• There are no components sitting in the flow path presenting obstructions.

• No metallic components in the process which reduces the cost of the system, particularly where stainless steel or more exotic metallic materials would be required

• The required pressure differentials for operation are as low as 1 inch of pressure which presents a lighter load for the pump to overcome before the fluid can transferred. Many of the standard configuration non return valves are spring loaded to assist the closing of the valve which creates a higher pressure differential requirement for the flow condition. Lighter Loading on the suction results in better longevity for the pump.

• The all Elastomer construction and special seating arrangement allows the valve to seal leak tight around small foreign particles and can therefore maintain its seat integrity. The pumps will therefore be able to start up with wetted suction which reduces wear on the pump.

• The valves install between flanges and do not require a body (piping acts as the housing) which reduces weight of the suction set and moments on the piping and connections.


To submit an official quotation for this product, we would require your pump suction diameter, fluid being transferred, temperature, connection to pump details, dimensions required for pump set 9length of pipe required before bend and then the depth required for submission of the suction). We recommend that the suction does not sit on the bottom of the dam but at least one meter from the bottom to protect the integrity of the liner and prevent filter blockages.

Should you have any queries or points of concern, please do not hesitate to contact Gavin on gavin@coral-i.com or on +27 83 552 2642.

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Category: Acid Line Pump Suction Sets

Product code (SKU): Acid Line Suction Sets

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