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 25MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (ALP1022C) images

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25MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (ALP1022C)


Product Description

• Dual channel - channel bandwidth: 25MHz~ 300MHz

• The volume exquisite and it is convenient for carrying

• Use Coloured TFT LCD, the waveform display is clearer and stable

• The real time sampling rate is 500MSa/s ~ 2GSa/s

•Memory depth is 4K ~ 2M

•Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative and Delay trigger modes

•Front and Back USB Host/Device, GPIB

•Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function

•Waveform recorder function

•Pass/Fail function

•Thirty two parameters Auto measure function

• Cursor measure covers Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode

•Channel waveform and it's FFT waveform display on split screen

•Pop-up Menu display pattern is more convenient for users using it

•Multiple Language User Interface

•Support multilingual online help


•Display: 12 divides full screen display 
•Channels: 2 
•Vertical Sensitivity: 2mv-5v/div(1-2-5 Sequence) 
•Vertical Resolution: 8bit 
•Input coupling: DC, AC, GND 
•Input Max voltage: 400V(Vpp) 
•Trigger Types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative, Delay 
•Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single 
•Trigger Source: CH1, CH2, Ext, Ext/5, AC Line 
•Save/Recall: Provide two groups reference waveforms, twenty groups capture waveforms and twenty groups setups internal save/recall function and USB flash drive Save/Recall function 
•Auto Measure Types: Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Mean, Vrms, Crms, ROVShoot, FOVShoot, RPREShoot, FPREShoot, Freq, Period, Rise time, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, - Duty, BWid, Phase, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF 
•Cursor measure: Manual, Track, Auto 
•Sample Types: Real Time, Equivalent Time 
•Averages: 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 
•Math: +, -, *, /, Invert 
•FFT: Window: Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular Sampling Points: 1024 points 
•XY Mode: Phase Error: ± 3 degrees 
•Support the sampling rate: 5KSa/s~200MSa/s (in a 1-2-5 sequence) 
•Persist: Off, 1sec, 2sec, 5sec, Infinite 
•Display Model: Main, Window, Window Zoom, Roll, X-Y 
•Menu Display: 2Sec, 5Sec, 10Sec, 20Sec, Infinite 
•Skin: Classical, Modern, Tradition, Succinct 
•Display Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean 
•Power Source Voltage: 100-240VACHz-440HzVA Max 
•Size and Weight: 305mm x 154mm x133mm, about2.3kg 
•USB Host: Support USB flash drive storage 
•USB Device: Support PictBridge compatible printers and PC Remote control RS-232 

(1: 1, 10: 1) Probe x 2, Easy Scope Computer Software System, Power Cord, USB Cable, User Manual 

GPIB Communication Module, Serial Interface Communication Module, Pass/Fail Interface Module




Sampling rate

Memory depth

Recording length








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Product details

Category: Oscilloscopes

Product code (SKU): ALP1022C

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